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Macecraft Software Goes Freeware With Its Popular jv16 PowerTools Utility Suite


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Macecraft Software has today launched PowerTools Lite, a freeware version of their professional grade jv16 PowerTools utility package, to help all Windows PC users easily yet effectively to fix system errors and delete unnecessary data.

Based on the jv16 PowerTools 2009 utility suite, PowerTools Lite enables even the least technically skilled of PC owners to benefit from a safe system and registry cleanup.

PowerTools Lite also clears unnecessary data from the registry, MRU and history data from all major applications and Windows itself, along with deleting any unnecessary temporary files to clean up the entire PC.

Furthermore, released under license as freeware, home and commercial PC users alike can benefit from PowerTools Lite without having to pay for the application - allowing a saving on other comparable registry repair applications and the cost of professional IT support.

Mr. Faisal Habib of Macecraft Software USA believes the release of PowerTools Lite will cause a stir.

"Especially in the current economic climate we feel that all users should benefit from our technology and know-how of keeping Windows running smoothly. PowerTools Lite, or PT Lite as we like to call it, is an extremely powerful application that comes with a very simple user interface so all Windows users can use this program.

We designed this program to be so easy, you will only need two mouse clicks to perform the an entire system clean!"

PowerTools Lite comes in English, Arabic, Dutch, French, Italian and Japanese, as a built-in feature of the application, and is available for download immediately:


Translations to other languages will also be made available shortly.


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downloading it.. i am using this after really long time.

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