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how to Edit files on XP CD


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I saw that in the i386 directory of my xp install cd the login and the boot files are in there so i want to replace them with my personalized versions only problem is there compressed dose anyone know how to compress my files the same way nlite dose it so that when i install xp it dosent get errors copying the file thanks.

Problem 1 accomplished answer at unatended xp.com

I have another question. How do i make thhe custom theame load on startup in my components i deleted the luna theme and i get the classic when i tell nlite to use my custom theame it adds it and everything but when i install its classic. how do i fix that and how do i customize my boot screen. i made 1 with boot skin but i dont think bootskin edits the ntoskrnl.exe so im realy lost. thanks ahead of time

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Guest LeGend95

first u want file .dll or .exe compressed them? take this tool

Download :The Tool

Second The Theme :open file :winnt.sif with notepad from i386

and write:




The Boot screen:

The files in i386 are {NTOSKRNL.EX_


And more four files in sp3 or sp2.cab in i386

and same files in driver.cab

they are not compressed {ntoskrnl.exe




Don,t forget compressed the file with the tool but in sp2 or sp3.cab and driver.cab no

Fourth edit this files with recourse hacker

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Guest LeGend95

The Format of picture to put in logonui.exe is {Bmp} open the picture with Paint program and click save as

In the [save as type] choose 24 -bit bitmap and then save

The picture will be good

Any Question ?

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plzzzzzzz help me now i tell u what is my problem look iamm whant make my logonui now iam go I386/LOGONUI.EX_ - CAB

then iam open this file with winrar and iam open then iam copy the logonui then iam add my pic on logonui

then iam copy and paste on winrar on LOGONUI.EX_ - CAB file and come this error WinRAR can add files only to rar it zip archiver

then how to i make LOGONUI.EX_ - CAB plzz help me

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how to change bootskin in xp instalation cd?

help me plz

i have downloaded theme in rar file

want to add in instalation cd of xp

and make theme default with thier own wallpaper which is given in theme's rar file

plz help me too do it.

thanks in adv plz

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First of all if your cd is not rewritable then this will not gonna happen. if your xp cd is rewritable and you want to make any other cd from it then you can replace these bad or corrupted files from new files.


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