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Some nLite Tweak is enabling Offline files?

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I tested my disk before adding tweaks section of nLite. Offline Files is disabled by default. When I add tweaks, is is enabled. Offline Files when enabled disables Fast user switching.

I asked this question at MSFN and got no response. I will post my last session. I know beyond all doubt it is an nLite tweak. I have tried making Fast user switching automatic in nLite but it didn't work.

It is very important to me to have Offline files off, therefore Fast User switch will be on.

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well i think

nlite puts it's tweaks in nlite.inf

go and check it

and search for


and also this registry suppose to stop Offline Files and Folder

;Disable "Offline Files and Folders"

;Uncheck "Offline Files and Folders" options

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I have spent a couple of days hunting this down now. I have built a completely new nlite unattended cd with windows xp sp3, and no tweaks whatsoever and as soon as our policy hit the system and performs the redirections the offline folder-feature is on. And as far as I know this doesn't happen on installations that are done without nlite. The machines use the same policy so that shouldn't be it either.

I don't want to blame nlite 100% yet. I have been able to eliminate the possibilities of a couple of other softwares involved being the problem, which took most of the time. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to check the remaining possibility - that it could be a recent post SP3 patch that introduces the problem. If it is not, then there is only nlite left.

Edit: spelling

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