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[AddOn] (Alky) Vista Applications


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(Alky) Vista Notepad, Paint & Calculator

Info: This AddOn contains Vista Calculator, Notepad and Paint for you Alky for Apps users (Alky is NOT included) It adds the program shortcuts to Accessories (might be a tad confusing)


MD5: E000717E7D0D9D436A27749C96C94F3D

Alky for Applications: http://www.fallingleafsystems.com/

Off Topic: BTW the screenshots were taken using Vystal Vivid

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This is Brilliant work....

I have a couple of questions about this Addon....

1)Does it replace the Original WindowsXP Paint,Calc,Notepad ?

2)Generally we use XPIZE Icon Patch to I386 foler...I like Vista paint so i don't want any other patch on it.Does Xpize will patch it or not... ?

Thanks for this Addon....:)


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I just download and directly installed the Addon on my running winxp.The addon installed by inf file and did not replace original winxp utilities...

When i run Paint,calc,notepad i got two missing dll files error "vADVAPI32.dll , vSHELL32.dll"

Whats wrong here...?Please upload these files...

I am just curious about the non replacement of Original Xp (Paint,calc,notepad).It will be quite happy if you make a second Vista RTMs Application pack which replace the Original winxp applications...

Thanks in advance...

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I don't recommend a full replacement addon for either of those Windows XP Apps

Ive tried it and no good... BTW Install VAIO


Is there any specific reason you are happy using two different versions of PAINT , CALCULATOR , NOTEPAD...?

We are looking for giving a new enhance look to our windowsXP.

Is it possible to make VISTA NOTEPAD and PAINT as Default XP applications and REMOVE Original apps with Nlite...?

IMO, It is weird to have more then one version of these applications...

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Hello. VPaint is a simple modification to Windows XP's paint.

I've noticed that Vista's Paint has some nice looking icons, and Windows XP's Paint doesn't.

So I simply replaced the icons using Reshack.

Please note, by downloading I mean using "Save Target As..." [iE] "or Save Link As..." [Firefox]

To use this, you can do any of the following:

A) Download vspaint.exec, rename it to vspaint.exe and save it to C:\windows\system32. Make new shortcuts accordingly.

B) Download vspaint.exec, rename it to vspaint.exe and save it to where-ever you want. You simply have to navigate their and launch it to use it. See above.

C) Download vspaint.exec, rename it to mspaint.exe, and copy it to C:\windows\system32.

Then click yes when it asks you if you want to replace mspaint.exe.

Please note, option C) will delete your current version of paint and replace it with vpaint.

Don't worry, its the same program, only the icons and bitmaps have been changed.

As always, scan the executable [.exe] with a good virus-scanner and maybe virus.jotti.org for good measure, BEFORE use.

Have fun!


PS: On a second note, if you need your regular paint back because you screwed up, download original-paint.exec,

and copy it to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ as mspaint.exe. Original-paint.exec is the original version of paint that comes with XP SP2.






Have fun! Remember to use *save target as* or *save link as*.


Edit: Updated to V1.1. Small update {Changed 'shape' opaque/transparent selector to Vista style}. See http://bounceit.freehostia.com/vpaint/1.1/changelog.txt :D

Edited by Zorlin
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