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7zip Ultimate - Modified Edition based on Windows7


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I am glad to release the 2nd version of 7zip ultimate. Default icon of 7zip is very old for current os so i decided to redesign 7zip. I have tried to eliminate all the error that were seen in previous version. Most of images(about,sfx) & icons(file type,7zip sfx) are designed by me except Toolbar icons and 7zip program icon.

Screen shot > 7zip_Ultimate_2nd_Edition_by_pri2sh.jpg


>New toolbar icons "KDE Oxygen 1.0" made by Luke Channings.

>Redesigned SFX dialog with support for xp themes

>Brand new SFX icon made by me .

>New 7zip icon, (found it on google, forgot who made it)

>Corrected file type icon with transparency support.

And some minor changes.

File type icons screenshots are available here

Installation Instruction:

Just overwrite the existing 7zip file with the files present in archive. In order to experience the change in file icon you may need to log-off.

This is modified version of 7-Zip 4.65. Only UI were changed, working process is same as of 7-Zip 4.65.

Download 7zip Ultimate

thank u, hoping for suggestions and comment

Source: http://techmasher.co...dified-edition/

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