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32-Bit Icon patch for Regedit, TaskMgr and Outlook for Windows XP


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Hello guys...

I'm new here & i Want to contribute some of my mod...

Recently I've reshacked my regedit and replace the folder icon... but unfortunately instead of displaying a properly 32-bit icon it dispalys low quality icon.... just like this:


that's make me thinking....

there must be a way to make it (regedit) displaying 32-bit icon....

And here's what I've got.....


to enable 32-bit icon do:


74 05 BF 01 20[obsolete]

use this instead:

Normal Process:
33 FF 6A 31 47

Mirrored process:
BF 01 20 00 00

New 32 Bit

90 90 BF 21 00[obsolete]

use this instead:

Normal Process:
33 FF 6A 31 47

Mirrored process:
BF 21 20 00 00

Note: search for original byte and then replace it with reserved code....

But.... what about taskmgr???

To make it displaying 32-bit icon in the user tab just do:


74 05 BB 01 20 [obsolete]

use this instead:

Normal process
33 DB 89 7E 08 43

Mirrored process:
BB 01 20 00 00

New 32 Bit

90 90 BB 21 00 [obsolete]

Normal process
6A 21 89 7E 08 5B

Mirrored process:
BB 21 20 00 00

and You'll got this :


instead of this:


enjoy B)

Dubby 2009...

For Outlook NEW!

load all comctl32.dll in Winsxs directory

7D FC 74 0B 8B 4D

7D FC 90 90 8B 4D

then load comctl32.dll in system32 folder

7D FC 00 74 0B 8B 4D

7D FC 00 90 90 8B 4D




Dubby 2011...

last update 2012...

Edited by Dubby
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Uhm.... you'll gonna neeed hex editor to do that patch..., for example just google for hex editor... you'll find alot of hex editor available.... then copy your regedit and taskmgr to another location... find those hex code occurance... then replace with reversed code above... save it.... and if you want to replace the system file use replacer (google it) for the easiest way..

Hope this help...

By the way sorry for late reply.... just log in back in a moment....

And sorry for my english....

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Dubby,can you for battery laptop view in wpdshext.dll 32 bit make.thank friend

sorry :( .... but I can't found the file.... are you sure that the the name is "wpdshext.dll".... :questionmark:

or just upload your file... and let me see what can I do for you... :)

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I'm sorry if I'm not made myself clear, the #1 post still applied to XP's regedit and taskmgr also outlook and possibly another XP programs which ultilize ImageList_LoadImage...

while the #19 post only applied to vista ones, which file is provided by xsallyty..

Many thanks Rick.. :D

I also notice that several picture have gone.. I'll update it as soon as I can...

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YEAH! You're the men, Dubby! :prop:

He wake up a morning. Think about Regedit, and without looking it, brandished his wand with a hand, and rocks the f***ing regedit.


But, i couln'd make it work.  :ranting:  I tried 5 hex editors. :notworking:   I'm interesed in the Regedit only.


Please! Would you please make screenshots of the stpe by step. Please Dubby.  :please:


(All apologies for my english)

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whoaa... hello...

the steps should be generic for all hex editor...

the only required feature is "search and replace"....

make sure to hit save when done editting....

to be safe, make a copy of regedit into somewhere else.. then edit the copied ones... not the original...

also after editting you'll need to replace the icon with the new one....

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