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More on Vista flip 3D


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i think were thinking too much inside the box on this one

note: he does not ONCE enter normal Flip3d mode before the windows become curved

note: the WHOLE windows becomes translucent, not just the glass, this doesn't happen in Flip3d

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I think this is actually what the guy was using, maybe. I don't know if it works with Vista.

edit: Apparently, it's Vista-only. There ya go :)

That piece of software is ONLY for Vista Ultimate WITH DreamScene. I've juste download it because it's free :P but I didn't test it yet. As far as I know this is just for animated backgrounds, not for flip3D N1K mentioned :( . Although, DreamScene takes a lot of resources and offers very little (if you have animated scene that is not adjusted for looping you could have your nerves pop out cause you will see blink every time scene starts from begining :wacko: ). I hope that Dream is not so resource consuming even if it depends on DreamScene.

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So here in update on DreamScape :w00t: . Just install it and it works like a charm. Even if it depends on DreamScene it is not so consuming like DreamScene. Defender was scaning my system with DreamScape enabled and max cpu load was 35%. When it was done scanning it was from 0-5% :o .

With DreamScene desktop (without any other programs running) it never fell below 30% :wacko: .

Well I just tried one scene (the one that came with instalation) but I imagine that this is some improvement over DreamScene.

Is there any luck finding that flip3D that N1K posted in the first post :crying_anim02: ?


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