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I am offering a $50.00 gift card or a $50.00 donation to WinCert.com made in your name to the winner of the best theme created for Firefox Addon Maker.

The rules are simple. The only file that you can edit is the default.css file and you can add your own image. X-rated images are not allowed. There are no limits to how many entries to can submit. Post the links to those 2 files in this topic and then I will create a poll. The winner of the poll is the winner of the contest.

I have not set a deadline, yet. But, I will in a few days. I am leaning towards 30 days for submission and 10 days for poll.

Everything in the hta\html file is configured by the style sheet.

I hope to see some exciting themes.



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i had some ideas but would involve more than just one screen.

probably too much work involved though b/c probably would have to make a whole new gui for it :P

That was the idea. The gui is the CSS page.


Is my HTML and CSS that poorly written, that it could not be understood? I am a novice at both.

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