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Let's check if I get you right.

When you click yellow link as shown in the picture, the browser will open your post instead of 'last post' from 5eraph?


I am also using Google Chrome, but beta version 4 and it links me to 5earph post when I click on the yellow link. Although, it was working normally for me when I was using latest stable version of Chrome.

I've also checked in IE. When you click on the small arrow before the date, that link should open the last UNREAD post.

When you click on the topic name link under it, that link should open the first post in the topic, at least when you hover over those links it should work this way.

Anyway, if you still have issues, as you both said, can you please make a brief description with screenshots and I will open a ticket with my support.



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When you first open the browser and go to Last Post link, it goes to the first post in the topic. But, the last post button works normally after that until you close your browser.

EDIT: I have the forum bookmarked, when i click it the forum loads as usually, but its just the first Go to Last Post link that dont work. The problem only appears if Go to last post is the first link you click when you enter the forum. The problem occurs again if you close your browser and reopen wincert.

UPDATE: When i first open up the forum one of the last post links is like

it also has this ?s=xxxxxxx thing at the end which it wont let me post

But after that the links are like



its the ?s=939f9sdd8s82030s033 at the end of the link which causes it i believe.

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