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XP Theme Randomizer


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This program was made from a post [Trick] How to Set Windows theme from command line by Ken@fri

This is an autoit compiled program that select and apply randomly an existing theme.


1) XP OS only

2) At least have 2 themes, excluding Windows Classic Theme must be available

This program does not check whether your OS has patched UXTHEME.DLL or not.


Support console mode. The parameter is the full Theme's filename.

XPThemeRandomizer Luna.theme

If Full file name contains space, you need to double quote it.

Eg. XPThemeRandomizer "Windows Classic.theme"

Access the program thru shortcut created in Accessories Group.

Additional features (but disabled):

You can adjust the inf for a normal unattended installation & immediately follow up with the program execution with your own choosen theme, either in randomized mode or specific theme in console mode.

The supplied inf are included for these possible modes but you need to uncomment out or comment the inf line yourself.

Note: This has no effect in unattended installation as the theme you set will be overrided to default (or specified in WINNT.SIF) when you 1st boot to desktop.

At the most, only the wallpaper is applied.

The only way I know is via RUNONCE key but it has the disadvantage that it requries 2nd reboot to work. Experiment/test this at your own side.


Size: 567.87 Kb (581,496 bytes)

MD5: 4B19198234D3F3A2DAD7D3ECF4A24DE7

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