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Just remodeled my Mom's Kitchen


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OK, for the past 2 weeks I have been remodeling my Mom's kitchen. It is just about done, just have to wait until we get money to redo the floor and a few other MISC. stuff.

The guy in the 1st pic. is my brother. Just click on the pic. to view the slide show. This was done by my brother and I, mostly by me.


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Man, been there, done that. Tearing out the old plaster down to the lath, sheet rock, mud and tape, mud, mud, mud, sand, mud, sand, prime, paint, paint. That's messy, messy work. Looks like you did a great job! I know your mom is proud. Bet she's told everyone she knows, and many that she doesn't!

Cheers and Regards

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Thanks you guys. My computer isn't to happy, right behind that white sheet is where my PC is and it ate alot of dust. I had to down clock to 3.5 because it was overheating at 3.9. Hopefully in a few days I can pull it apart and clean it up.

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