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Problem with my other HDD


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:welcome: , please help ... I have this problem at first time. Yesterday, my all was working well, I have 2 HDD - one has my Windows, another - data.Today i turn up PC, bootscreen was about 10 min, so i restarted my PC again and again.Then i tried to went to Boot Options, but they won't open :sweatingbullets: ...I removed USB Drive (readyboost) and then it started with errors.I try start my music, but there wasn't any D: drive..I refreshed explorer many times, but nothing.So i tried reinstalling my disk drivers - nothing.It's saying "device is working properly" 51986312.th.jpgdiskmanagment.th.jpg

Please help me, all of my data is under risk...

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Why????!!! Should i upgrade it?? I just bought Windows 7 HP and now i should buy Professional? :crying_anim02:

Please check which version are you using, for a start on your laptop.

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