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NFOPad - v1.69


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NFOPad is a small, fast and flexible combined nfo viewer and text editor.

It is a clone of Microsoft's Notepad but with extra settings, and support

for nfo files. The file extension is used to determine whether to use an

ANSI or ASCII font. NFOPad also fully supports Unicode.

Changelog[NFOPad 1.69]      2014-04-06  - French localization added - Fixed so CTRL + backspace removes the whole word 
Version: 1.69

Addon Release Date: April 7, 2014

Shortcuts created in: NFOPad Folder

Uninstallable: Yes

Credit: *Reaper*


NOTE: This is a dual addon... If your using a x64 system, it will install the x64 version of NFOPad. If your using a x86 system, it will install the x86 version of NFOPad.

Must use Win Toolkit or higher!


Size.png - 1.13 MB

MD5.png - 8a6935e3a9450fa96f39691541e86b47


Edited by *Reaper*
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Great new update! I love how you made your addon not dependant on the Win Toolkit shortcut setting, and adding the shortcut in another way. Cool! :)



Made my usual customization of this addon - only english language is preserved (1.2 MB saved - Reaper's version has 4.2 MB on the HDD, mine ''only'' 3 MB), and also it doesn't have the "Edit with NFOPad" context menu that Reaper preffered to keep in his addon. Tested on both x86 and x64 VM (my version), works great. Don't thank me, thank Reaper for a fantastic job. :)


Reapers.NFOPad.1.67.Windows7.or.8.AddOn.Lite.WA  - MD5: 96732875C9354A10AE3A45EF837F9C93



btw, Reaper, please delete my above two posts and also the post of jgp - no longer needed either of them :)

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