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[Release] DirectX Runtimes (2010/Jun) (32/64-bit)


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It seems code doesn't keep updating his any more... so my build here:

In short, the "svcpack" integration of DirectX is superior to "True Addon" for its smaller size, easier maintenance and unlimited context(windows setup or live system).

From now, "/q" is supported as a parameter of the installer. With /q or -q switch specified, this utility will hide the file progress dialog.

Known Issues while using /q or -q:

1. The file progress dialog flashes for a short time then disappears, instead of never-showing.

2. If there is any problem with the INF installation, the pop-up dialogs with messages never show either, so it's dangerous if your INF script or source files are not fine. However there is no known issues about this item on this DirectX installers release.

By default, the addons below start the installers without "/q", you should add "/q" by your self if you want this feature.


DirectXRuntimes-201006-Addon-32.cab Mirror1 Mirror2

Size: 11.9MB MD5: 9f2496fa18c36b6f7b7a319519ebde0d

64-bit: (Both 32-bit installer and 64-bit installer are required on a x64 windows)

DirectXRuntimes-201006-Addon-64.cab Mirror1 Mirror2

Size: 15.0MB MD5: 47a2c155c27f2bddebfceaab374577f4

Additionally, in order to collect DirectX files with ease, I wrote this script:


This script should also work in the future.

An updated version of DirectXSFXBuilder:

1. 7z exe location routine optimization.

2. runinf replaced with runinf mod. (source incl.)




Initial Release. (Aug, 2009)

2010-2-6 & 2-7

Update to Feb, 2010.

Initial Release in this thread(spilted by 5eraph) and several bug fixes.

A script for collecting DirectX files with ease posted.


Update to Jun, 2010.

runinf.exe modified for support of a "quiet" parameter "/q".

An updated DirectXSFXBuilder (by me) publiced with the new runinf.exe.

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