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[Release] WinRAR Auto Addon Maker+ 1.6


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this is a modified ver of rick's WinRAR 3.7x Auto Addon Maker

I tended to make it work through OSes of all languages, also some more custom settings...

Info: Creates a custom WinRAR addon, you have options for Registered and Not Registered, Themes and No Themes, you can also choose to set the default theme of your choice... Also you can choose some basic settings such as whether to associate ISO with WinRAR and whether using a cascaded right-click context menu. And for Non-English WinRAR, English SFXes will be added.

If WinRAR is updated just install it and run this tool again and will build you a updated addon.

Current Version: for WinRAR 4.00


x: main version, i'll add it when it should be added

y: if any improvement is made, y will be added

z: any updates without new function will lead an add to z

mmdd: build date

Now Available:

Addon in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, German, French, Turkish, Polish

UI in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

SFX Patch in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

If you'd like to help me with other languages. pm me.


+ WinRAR 4.0 ready
* Changed a filename of Theme JOM2.0, so as to make it work perfectly.
* Fixed an error that Uninstall.lng was not copied correctly in (Dutch, French and German) version.
* Fixed an error that resulting French Addon doesn't work.
* UI Implement: Imported CHOICE.EXE from Windows 2003 to help make UI easier. (Now you are free from pressing enter after you make choices)
+ Updated English SFX modules to 4.00, with 3.93 as optional(for supporting win98/me).
+ Updated the HACK of WinRAR.exe for supporting English SFXes in Chinese languages to support latest version. (Japanese not longer needs the hack because it's included in the offcial version)
- Removed FGCBA dependency
+ Using optimized compressing sequence for smaller output

* Fixed An typo mistake which causes no default theme will be applied.
+ For Registered and Themed Addons, will check for rarreg.key first.

* Fixed an error that addreg and delreg are in wrong order, resulting zip and cab association issue

* Fixed An Error which causes no default theme will be applied.

+ Add Korean, Dutch, German, French, Turkish, Polish Addon Support
+ Add Theme - JOM 2.0
+ Add The Function to local WinRAR Installed Path and difine WinRAR Installing Path
+ Add The Function to Add/Remove Themes
* Generate a dynamic Uninstall.lst to ensure all files installed could be removed by WinRAR Uninstaller
* No Internal File will be changed any more, and Inf Building only begins when it shows Building inf...

+ Add Traditional Chinese User-Interface
+ For non-English WinRAR, now you can patch WinRAR to make it support English SFXes(if not patched, those SFX modules will only be displayed but without RAR/ZIP compatibility check and no description)
* Fixed an issue that Profiles are always in English

+ Add Traditional Chinese, Japanese Support
+ Add Simplified Chinese User-Interface
* Now use a common uninstall.lst, so all files in WinRAR directory can be cleaned up.(but for themes, they must be removed manually)

2008-4-16 The initial Release
Changes From Rick's WinRAR 3.7x Auto Addon Maker
* If you have WinRAR 3.6x or lower version installed but later updated to 3.7x, now the WinRAR AAM can check it correctly as 3.7x but not 3.6x
+ Add Simplified Chinese Support
+ Add Preference selection to let user choose whether to associate ISO with WinRAR, whether to cascade right-click context menu and whether to create an entry to uninstall WinRAR from control panel.
+ For non-English WinRAR, the English SFXes will be copied.

Download: WinRAR_AAM_1_6_0_Build322.exe (Mirror)

MD5: 5d0f383524435ed2454b46e0d97345be

Size: 2,302,160 Bytes

You can also Download History Versions for supporting old version of WinRAR.

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