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They force the hotfix that supersedes it to install the LDR branch of its files, if you want to force the LDR branch there is an option to do this with w7t so you dont have to integrate them

Can you provide more detail, In solor update pack their is LDR Placeholder folder, in which 13msu files are whether we should integrate those files in Offline image, and if yes then what will the benefits of these integrations.

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I know I have asked many questions about this and we all know it seems to be a source of confusion so I would like to ask again for your insight and we can get this info included in the new version and guide.

Based on what you mention above and the way 1.4 downloads the SoLoR updates and creates a LDR Placeholders folder... if I check the LDR option and want to include the LDR branch do I keep this placeholders folder so the integration sees them and forces the LDR branch or do I delete the folder so that they are not integrated? What is the definitive way to integrate the LDR branch?

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