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Driver Architecture Detection on add

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i think i've seen it before running on DISM once, or inside System Center Configuration manager,

there's a way for a program that uses DISM, or maybe it needs to be programmed to detect, when youre adding a driver different from the architecture of the source.wim.

I'll explain further in an example:

A.- If you try to add a x64 driver to an x86 source.wim, it will throw you an error, and vice versa.

B.- If the driver is multi-architecture, let the user know, it runs on both.

is this possible for WT7 ?


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I'll just this a try :)

EDIT: Below i have added a column which shows if the drivers is x86, x64 or Mix (both). Some older inf files don't say what architecture they are so i have programmed W7T to assume they are x86. I will add some of the other requests in your initital thread later on (maybe tomorrow) as i have work soon.

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As well as the addition to above, i have made drivers which are NOT mean't for the OS you have selected they will appear in red, you can then use the 'Remove' > 'Remove All Invalid (Red)' option at the top (W7T v50) to remove them all in one go.

I believe this is much better because if you 'throw you an error' it would do it for each one which would be very annoying so the method i have implement is much quicker!

EDIT: This request is finished, closing....

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