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Silent Install Component


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A request/feature in future release...

A separate component in AIO Tool to install Silent Install Updates similar to "Theme Packs" or "Silent Installs + SFX" for the purpose of those KBs that needs to be install silently... Rather than updating the W7 Toolkit every time there's an update that can't be integrated directly and needs to be run @ first boot.

or we can just add it directly on "Silent Installs + SFX" component.

Thanks and Regards. :)

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I miss that topic :doh:

@ Legolash2o

Not sure if this question has been asked? But is there a way in W7 Toolkit that we can remove updates that's been already integrated? I think its much faster to remove obsolete integrated updates and then integrate updates that are newer or that supersedes...

Thanks and Regards.

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