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Multiple 'Component Removal' and AIO passes on same image


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The way I would like to use W7T is to:

  1. Make a first pass with the AIO tool to integrate updates, remove certain components (that are never used: Tablet, XPS, etc.), and apply some common tweaks. This image would become the base for all subsequent images.
  2. Using the image from above, install basic software and system customizations in SysPrep - then capture the image.
  3. Using the captured image from #2 above, I would run the image through W7T, again, using the Component Removal Tool and, perhaps, make further tweaks, add drivers, adjust services, add themes, Gadgets, etc. with the AIO tool.
  4. Then, after applying Autounattend.xml, install the OS.

My question is, is this an acceptable method for using this tool? Are there any dangers or pitfalls when running an image through W7T 2, or more, times? The main benefit, of course, is that I only have to make the "updates" pass one time for potentially numerous builds and installs.

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Should be fine, but there is nothing wrong with doing everything in one go, it does its work in the correct order :)

Awesome! I would prefer to do all in one pass as well, but I have different requirements for different systems (laptop, desktop, etc.)

As a follow up, If I enable (tick) a certain tweak on the first pass and it's not specifically selected (ticked) on a subsequent pass, will the tweak no longer apply?

To be even more specific, If I select "Show 'Computer' on Desktop" on pass 1 and it's not selected on a subsequent pass, will 'Computer' still show on the Desktop?

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