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VMware Workstation not recognizing volume license key during unnatended setup

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Hello, I'm sorry if this is the wrong section to ask, but basically:

VMware Workstation is not recognizing volume license key during unattended setup, but VirtualBox does.

I create the unattended ISO with nLite successfully, and use an original volume license key. Make it fully unattended (skip oobe, and not do it, choose variables in options like removing WGA and not, etc...) on an original untouched Retail ISO by Microsoft.

The ISO is fully unattended if I use VirtualBox, or if I burn it to a CD/DVD, or USB drive, but when I use the latest version of VMware Workstation, the setup always asks for a license key before T13.

I found a way to avoid it choosing "Install later" to skip having to put in the license on the Vmware Workstation setuo (which I usually leave blank, and was still unattended in older versions).

Maybe it has something to do with the "Easy Install" feature in VMware Workstation, but I'm not sure.

My WINNT.SIF is correct and has said volume license key there (also used other VLK's that I found on the net).

Any suggestions?

I just want VMware to recognize an unattended setup.

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The Easy Install feature creates an unattended file by itself, thats why it asks from username and pid in the first screen.

If you want you could select that you will install by yourself and then it should pickup your unattended file from the cd just fine.

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Hi, thanks for that info! I've noticed that with other unattended setups, the reason "Easy Install" is skipped is because Vmware Workstation can't recognize the operating system itself. So I guess I'm on a quest to find out how to other unattended setups trick Workstation that way:

Thanks for any help if available!


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