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I desperatly need help (Update)

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Update: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=125172#125172

I hate to do this but please hear me out.

I have had some recent extreme finacial setbacks and am in dire straights right now.

I am hoping and asking for any kind of donations any of you can help me with.

Please send whatever you can via paypal directly as a gift to kelsenellenelvian@gmail.com (As a gift so neither of us incur charges)

Also I am cutting buisness\corp WPI licenses to $100 usd for a limited time.

I appreciate any help I can get.

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Kel my paypal has $20 but I cannot do anything with it because the account is limited because I dont have a credit card or bank account to verify it, so I cannot move the money or cancel my paypal with U.S. address so I can start another proper one with the correct Honduras address.

I can change my paypal pass and give it to you, if you trust me you could use your data to unlimit my account, move the money to your paypal and finally cancel it so I can start a new one with my gmail address

So do you trust me?

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Yes lego thank you VERY MUCH!

Further news.

When the judge signed the order allowing them to garnish me he only specified the total amount.

NOT any limitations (like no more than a third of my income or any of that ****)

So they are saying they were right to empty my account.

I dun know how to deal with this as a laywer is going to cost me too.

Any idears?

p.s. rick you have a pm.

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