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Shutdown, reboot


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Took three attempts, finally got it installed; but not in the location I wanted. Terrible; desktop is crap, no classic - do not want Aero or any theme; had no clue as to how to shutdown or reboot - had to use reset button to get back to XP Pro. I WOULD NOT recommend this 'new' OS to anyone.

MY 'original' C:\ drive, as seen from XP and Win7 was no longer visible - Win8 had reset things so it was now on C:\ - could not locate 'original' C:\; which is a real bummer as it has all the downloaded programs for installation on XP, Win7 and/or Win8.

Anyone have any ideas as to how I get make a my own desktop.desktop?

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I had read somewhere else about Classic Shell and Win8 but, as I mentioned above, with my original C:\> drive now not visible in Win8 and, therefore, all those programs I had hoped to try out 'missing' I'll have to boot into XP or Win7, move all those programs being considerd to a drive/partiton visible from Win8 and try again to check things out.

A major pain!!! (At least all this turmoil is happening with my #2 system - #1 is still pure and uncorrupted by Win8.)

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http://www.askvg.com/how-to-skip-metro-start-screen-and-boot-directly-into-desktop-in-windows-8/ guys you may find this interesting for your issue or it may help.metro does get very messy.i end up having to right click the thing that i dont need and then remove from metro.keeps things nice and tidy.askvg.com is a great place for windows 8 it has lots of solutions to windows 8 shortcomings.
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I agree, i won't be recommending this to anyone. However if it did install Windows 8, i would also install it with Classic Shell 3.5 (mentioned in another post). Another problem is that when you install applications, Metro gets very very messy and full quickly!

New - Classic Shell 3.5.1 has an option to bypass Metro during Win8 start - makes things easier.

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