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    Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6.2 Addon

    installer and compiled autoit script best regards BigRandalo
  2. bigrandalo

    [AddOn] IconsExtract 1.45

    hmmm, mine doesn't...
  3. bigrandalo

    Happy Brithday To rick

    :giveheart: A Happy B-Day from germany too
  4. bigrandalo

    [AddOn] Vista RTM Fonts v1.1

    i don't see that problem with german xp =) works like a charm regards bigrandalo
  5. bigrandalo

    [Release] Drive Space Indicator v5.3.7.6

    SFX works fine for me but you kinda forgot to upload the addon best regards bigrandalo
  6. bigrandalo

    Looking for a program..

    no problem
  7. bigrandalo

    [AddOn] RenameMaster 2.9.1

    :thumbsup_anim: Thank you!
  8. bigrandalo

    [AddOn] RenameMaster 2.9.1

    Hey Reaper Yesterday JoeJoe released the final to 2.9.1 *klick* Could you update this? (I could too, but i allways like to get the refreshed packed from the "owner") cheers kHaN
  9. bigrandalo


    :thumbsup_anim: No Problem Hope i could help cheers BigRandalo
  10. bigrandalo


    It is looking for a settings.dat in the same folder or in %APPDATA%\uTorrent.
  11. bigrandalo

    Looking for a program..

    I know another utility that can do the same but looks a bit better Qliner hotkeys 2.01 cheers
  12. bigrandalo

    [AddOn] FileZilla v3.0.8.1

    hi rick. there was again another update for filezilla @ *klick* but i did not find the changelog. could you plz update your add-on? thx in advance bigrandalo
  13. bigrandalo

    Best Software for changing Icons.

    you could also try IconTweaker it's freeware and there are a bunch of predefined iconsets out there, but you can also use your own icons and save them as a theme the homepage seams to be down/unreachable atm but crystalxp still has it http://www.crystalxp.net/galerie/en.id.83-icontweaker.html regards kHaN
  14. bigrandalo

    [Theme] Stolen v16.2

    hi gorki :welcome: since i am using this theme too you maybe are interessted in this: Stolen v16.2 by ~leosss
  15. bigrandalo

    It's my birthday today

    to both of you
  16. bigrandalo

    Taskbar Shuffle

    the best feature of tbs is that you can close active applications, running in the taskbar, by clicking them with the middle mousekey i can not use windows without it anymore
  17. bigrandalo

    [AddOn] FileZilla v3.0.8.1

    thx for the fast update and sadly there is another version out too (
  18. bigrandalo

    [AddOn] FileZilla v3.0.8.1

    rick would you plz be so kind to update the add-on to 3.02 even if you like 2.2 better? thx in advance bigrandalo/khan [EDIT] here is the downloadurl: http://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client [/EDIT]
  19. bigrandalo

    Emote Maker

    nice tool :) btw. there is v8 out
  20. bigrandalo

    Downloads from MS

    hmm, is it just me or is the link not working? :x
  21. bigrandalo


    just downloaded this and love it already perfect for favicons! i used http://www.html-kit.com/favicon/ before but now i'll stick to this THX for the suggestion!
  22. bigrandalo


    i like this one really good for presentations or for example videocaptures downloaded :heart:
  23. bigrandalo

    Imageshackert Uploader

    nice to see you like it i discovered it some months ago and immediately fell in love with it. then i did the german translation for it because there was none
  24. bigrandalo

    Nice SWF

    wow it look wonderfull *big wants to sit there too, watching the sun go down*