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  1. thiersee what about kb4049016? NFW rollup... regards...
  2. I am running Home Premium and was told to disregard 3004375, so I do NOT integrate. I did once and a deep clean uninstalled, said it was superseded. thx for the heads up! regards...
  3. WTK v. test build released! regards..
  4. thx I emailed Liam about it. Seems like an easy fix and oversight by Liam. I know there is a thread for bugs but bring attention to it here at this thread because it is the main tool we use to keep our win 7's slipstreamed and figured it would be of interest to other members. regards...
  5. new WTK released. V. in test builds, v. to the public. Haven't tested it yet.. EDIT: just tested. updates not getting integrated v.13 & v.14...does anyone have same issue? fyi regards...
  6. unreal. Thx thiersee. looks like liam is working on it... regards...
  7. I don't think it was mentioned. Liam has updated WTK to v. I was getting backup files on my desktop for exe files I had placed there such as teamviewer as an example. I see Liam removed the backups option in the AIO. He said it was useless. There are some other changes (see the changelog). Its on the test build as well as the public sites... fyi... regards...
  8. thiersee I took 2685811/13 as per the tutorial and took them from silent list and put them in the update list. they are the last two entries. Now WU does NOT ask for them and a deep clean DOES show them uninstalled. As of this this test I have no KB's in silent. I don't know if this is a bug but it seems to work for me. When I initially add all the updates (convenience method) updates 2603229, 3046269 and 3177467 come up as problem updates (normal). I check all three to go to silent list. I then go to the silent list and remove them. However they still get integrated after the monthly quality rollup. I watch the bottom of the wtk screen and see them getting integrated even though I removed them. This works out perfectly because I tried a test where I did not include them at all in the update list and WU called for them. I also emailed Liam and posed the above possible bug or my lack of knowledge scenario to him. Still awaiting that reply. He did reply back about that .bak file issue. It was being caused because in the OPTIONS list I had CREATE BACKUPS checked. I unchecked it and now perfect. FYI..... regards...
  9. thiersee it seems to have worked like a charm.. You da man! However, kb2685811 is now being asked by WU. According to WU 2685811 is a RECOMMENDED update and 2685813 is IMPORTANT. The only 2 kb's in my silent list are 2685811 and 2685813 at the top of the silent list. I watched the entire VM install because of the framework 4.7 and 2685811 did get installed. This happens (sometimes) even before your helpful NFW 4.7.02 file. Any ideas? lastly another small bug I found is the when I have WTK to place files on my desktop I get duplicates white icon .BAK files also placed there. I check the box in wtk to replace. just curious. regards...
  10. ok understood about its not a win ul update. I am using ricktendo's 7_23_17 repack. Is there a later one with the updates built-in? regards...
  11. thiersee nfw 4.7 was integrated in my silent list (7_23_17) and in my vm its in programs and features so it did get installed. in wtk updates on my list are 4019990 and 4040980. if you are saying I need 4041083 it did not DL with oct. convenience files. I also do not see 4043766. regards...
  12. which size? do you mean 32 or 64...I only make 64 bit win 7. If that's not what you mean plz let me know. regards...
  13. just did October ul's iso on VM. after installation WU is calling for kb4041083 and 4043766. is this normal? when I did the integration 4040980 got integrated. regards...