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  1. When you get the popup to check your internet connection, that means the download tool has no internet connection. This is an issue on your local system. There's not much I can do beyond giving the suggestions in the FAQ that you've already tried.
  2. Not working on Windows 7

    New version is released. Please let me know if either the blank screen (while TLS 1.2 is enabled), or the "unhandled exception" error still occurs. I tested the downloader about 10 times, and did not encounter that error any more (and hope it will be the same on the other affected sysyems).
  3. Update Notifications

    Version 5.21 (20 September 2017): Improved error handling; removed Windows 10 OEM/COEM.
  4. Not working on Windows 7

    I can replicate this issue. The error occurs only randomly. Keep trying four or five times. I know the root cause already, and will release a new version tomorrow.
  5. I can confirm that! I've done some spot checking. Many of Insider Preview and developer tools of the latest builds (16278 and upward) produce 404 errors. Apparently Microsoft has made available the links, but not yet provided the actual files. I'm sure MS will upload the files in the next few days.
  6. Not working on Windows 7

    For the new version 5.20, I have removed a bunch of conditions for the downloader to exist the "blank screen" back to "normal mode". I suspect this might deal with some of the mystery cases of the tool geting stuck on the blank screen (obviously not with missing TLS 1.2 support, blank dropdown selection etc.) I'd appreciate some feedback whether this makes some difference on the affected systems. Thanks! Jan
  7. Update Notifications

    Version 5.20 (18 September 2017): Tabbed software selection and settings; improved error handling; fixed errors in Spanish and Italian localization; added button to hash archive; fixed broken UI at 125% system font size; added Windows 10 builds 16267, 16278, 16279 and 16288 (including developer tools); added Office 2016 for Mac builds 15.36.1, 15.37 and 15.38.
  8. Office 2010 Professional Plus not available!

    If the key doesn't work on the official download site, it will not do any good integrating it to the download tool. It would just generate the same error message. Luckily, I made a dump of most hashes before the X16/X17 downloads were taken offline. So you will be able to tell whether any file you might find elsewhere is genuine or not. https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/18-office-2010-direct-download-links https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/78-digital-river-download-files-md5-checksums German versions: x86 w/o SP1 X16-32254.exe b0fc811e9d3a1a659b159676c9b695c x86 w/ SP1 X17-75245.exe 9298562ff07dd34fb798e21ddc20dd80 x64 w/o SP1 X16-32217.exe 2bdea35777fc509efe6b1b306dd528 x64 w/ SP1 X17-75375.exe (unknown hash) x86/x64 w/o SP1 X16-32180.iso a47f89394a3eed0b9bb98a4bc641627 x86/x64 w/ SP1 X17-81954.iso (unknown hash)
  9. Office 2010 Professional Plus not available!

    Does your key work on this site? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/office If so, please let me know where you bought it. I might be interested in obtaining one as well.
  10. Office 2010 Professional Plus not available!

    I'm pretty sure that the Techbench Download is for Office 2010 Professional Plus Academic, which is a retail version ("Ultimate Steal" offer it was called back then). Developer licenses(Technet, MSDN. BizSpark etc.) are technically also retail versions, although they were never intended to enter circulation. Still, a lot of keys sold on eBay used to originate from TechNet labeled as "used software". I'd still like to add Office 2010 Pro Plus back to the downloader, however, without suitable key, that's not possible.
  11. Office 2010 Professional Plus not available!

    The download tool uses MS TechBench as a source to generate the links. TechBench generally only carries downloads for retail licenses, not volume licenses. I could re-enable Office 2010 Pro Plus in the downloader --- if I had a suitable product key to integrate, however, that would still not help you with your volume license. I'm pretty much out of ideas. You could ask in the Office forum. Maybe someone there has a good idea.
  12. ERROR. Please check you internet connection.

    The downloader can't connect to microsoft.com. My best guess would be firewall configuration. Please also look at the FAQ. There's a list of possible root causes for such kind of error.
  13. Portuguese Brazilian unavailable

    You can also convert the Brazilian Win 7 Pro to a universal Win 7 disc with the ei.cfg removal utility: http://code.kliu.org/misc/winisoutils/ If you prefer to have direct access to the Brazilian Win 7 Home, please help me find someone who would donate a suitable key to unlock the download, for me to integrate it into the tool.
  14. Not working on Windows 7

    Since I first released the downloader, I've come to realize that ActiveX is quite an unstable interface that refuses to work at the slightest inconsistency... MS doesn't really still maintain it as well. I wouldn't be surprised if they phased it out any time soon. My long term plan is to create a Windows Store app that taps into Edge to accomplish generating the download links. (Browsing through the developer guide and seeing all the differences to .NET was a bit of a shock though).
  15. Server ISO

    Hi, Windows Server Insider Preview is available through the download tool. Apart from that, we can't add any Win Server versions (unless MS is gonna decide to make them available through Techbench as well). If you're looking for untouched Win Server ISO images, I'd suggest searching in "unofficial places" using the hashes from the hash database: https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_directory.php?letter=W Best wishes, Jan