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  1. Could you send a screenshot with the list of all Add-Ons that you run on IE? Something like the following screen(s)? I suspect that one of them is the culprit. You could also try disabling all Add-Ons. If that works, we'd know for sure that one of them causes the issue, and then it's only a matter of time to find the rogue.
  2. Fixed as of version 5.26.
  3. Update Notifications

    Version 5.27 (20 November 2017): Improved error handling and performance; added Windows 10 build 17040 (including developer tools); added Office 2016 for Mac build 15.40.
  4. New version is available now, which is supposed to catch the missing quotation marks and proceed to the download options. This feature has been coded blind, and is untested, as I can't replicate the issue. Any feedback is welcome.
  5. v5.26 - Startup problem

    The tool doesn't run on Windows XP. You need Windows 7, 8.x or 10.
  6. Dear Community, The WinCert blog and forum will be moved to the HeiDoc server soon. We'll try to keep the impact as low as possible. We will trigger the domain transfer on 24 November, which might or might not result in a few "bumps" when connecting to WinCert between 24 and 29 November. The actual transfer of files, database and email accounts is going to happen on 29 November, and will definitely result in an outage of at least one hour.
  7. Thanks, very helpful! Something is messing your HTML within your browser. The original select field is supposed to look like this: <select id="product-edition" href="#product-info-content"><option value="" selected="selected">Select edition</option><optgroup label="Windows 10 Fall Creators Update"><option value="484">Windows 10</option></optgroup></select> However, your HTML code looks like this: Quotation marks are invalid, and capitalization is invalid. Do you have any rogue browser plugin installed that could have caused this? Anyway, I'll add a case for this kind of messy HTML to the downloader. I can't guarantee that the scripts are gonna work on invalid HTML. We'll see whether it work or not when I push out the new version, probably after the weekend.
  8. v5.26 - Startup problem

    That's an issue I've not encountered before... Have you tried running the downloader as administrator? If that doesn't help, would you mind posting a screenshot of the error?
  9. That was quite an unfortunate incident, not only for WinCert, but for a large portion of the French internet. I'm glad your issue has been resolved.
  10. Update Notifications

    Version 5.26 (16 November 2017): Fixed Portuguese localization; temporarily overwritten some language settings to English (US); added Honolulu Technical Preview and Windows 10 build 17035 (including developer tools).
  11. The localized Windows 10 download pages on Microsoft.com also give an error. So this is a Microsoft issue. For the time being, I've just uploaded version 5.26 which displays any content integrated from Microsoft.com in en-US. Once MS has fixed their issue, I'll revert back to localized content.
  12. I can replicate the bug using pt-PT language settings. I'll work on the patch tomorrow. For now, the workaround is using en-US settings. This will (hopefully) generate download links as usual.
  13. Can you provide a screenshot? I can't replicate the issue.
  14. The login link is in the top right of the main area. Please give feedback whether this helps. Login should only be requred for downloading Insider Preview and developer images. However, I've received a few messages now that login is randomly required, and doesn't solve the issue of not getting access to the downloads. It looks like MS has changed something on the download page. I've not been able to replicate this error, so any further insights would be helpful to fixing this permanently.
  15. If you don't mind paid software, Nero Burning ROM is really awesome. http://www.nero.com/enu/products/nero-burning-rom