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  2. OK, I can understand you have vision problem and that is fine. I just want to ask whether you wrote your post in English or translated it because I cannot fully understand what you wrote as some part does not make sense. If you used a speech recognition tool to write the message, some words might have been misinterpreted. The error message is a bit confusing and what language was it originally in? Was it in Greek? To me it sound like a driver issue but the error said "No driver is missing" which is strange. If possible, could you ask for somebody else to just take a picture of that error and sent it through. Since you mentioned your computer is HP ProBook 450 G6, here is the official website for drivers: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-probook-450-g6-notebook-pc/23201167. I could not find any USB drivers on it though. Regards, SnowBall
  3. Hello, Pour ceux qui sont tentés de franchir le pas pour la version 1903, voici l'UL mise à jour. Pas de nouveauté exaltante sur cette version par rapport à la 1809, en dehors du thème clair en plus du thème sombre et quelques améliorations cosmétiques. Attention, le Media Center 8.8.3 ne fonctionne plus sur cette version, à moins de remplacer CPfilters.dll et MSVIDCtl.dll dans C:\Windows\system32 par leurs versions précédentes. Je ne maintiendrai pas souvent la liste, les mises à jour cumulatives apparaissent toutes les deux semaines.
  4. Good morning and thank you very much for the answer. when we start installing the operating system, then we have to choose the language for the installation. in the next step we have to choose install now. When Well Starts in the Installation Program, it displays the following message: "No driver is missing" if you have the driver from a USB stick or a DVD drive. ISO is genuine downloaded directly from Microsoft. I mention the message because as I explained I have a vision problem and I can not make you a screenshot at that moment. of course what may be responsible for this problem should be the USB driver. the machine does not have usb2 has only USB 3. But I do not know which driver to choose to be able to overcome the specific problem that has been created in this step. Any help will be highly appreciated.
  5. Although I never experienced that problem before but I would suggest downloading a clean copy of Windows 7 and copy it onto your USB stick then install again. If you still can't get it to install, please upload an image of the error if possible. Regards, SnowBall
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  7. Good evening! My name is george. I have a vision problem and I want your children to help you as much as possible. I use a voice reader in Windows 10 but the voice reader is not compatible with the specific operating system. I try to get back through the bios uefi to legacy so I can install Windows 7. When I start installing it does Windows loading file. Then he asks me the language and when I click on install now he displays the following message: It says there is a missing cd dvd driver installed via a USB stick. Settings within the bios are done correctly. Also bios has been upgraded to its latest version and the security boot is disabled. The computer has been purchased 3 days ago and unfortunately I can not use it. Its processor is the eighth generation Intel i7. And the computer model is the following: hp probook 450 g6 Thanks in advance for your answers!
  8. Спасибо. Но какие файлы аддонов в этот раз скачивать? Вижу, что у Win7 тоже новая дата. И почему так? 32-бит: Version=4.19.523 64-бит: Version=4.19.614
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  10. ▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬** What´S NeW / UpdateS / ChangE LoG **▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬ ► Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Runtimes 14.22.27724.0(32bit/64 bit/arm64 bit)
  11. Next time I won't post from my phone... ULs mises à jour. En dehors du Rollup mensuel précédent, aucune autre mise à jour n'est remplacée. Cela fait plusieurs mois que cela dure, je ne pense pas que la liste s'allège pour les 6 mois restants...
  12. @imasmokeu, PM sent. Some info and checksum: ;Product : Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Combo Release ;File : en_winxp_home_pro_combo2600_FPP.iso ;Language : English (United States) ;CD-Label : WXPHFPP_EN ;AppName : CDIMAGE 2.43 (02/01/2000 TM) ;AutoCRC : None ;CRC32 : FFFFFFFF ;SHA-1 : 23ECD23E8F2CB722F60599C9305C69139AA7077D 23ECD23E8F2CB722F60599C9305C69139AA7077D *en_winxp_home_pro_combo2600_FPP.iso
  13. please pm me a link as stated if possable
  14. Version 19.06.12 ReNamer v7.1 UninstallView v1.30 LiveTcpUdpWatch v1.20 CPU-Z v1.89 NetworkLatencyView v1.65 Don't Sleep 5.25 Autoruns v13.95
  15. Merci icare ! Pas le temps de faire une intégration aujourd'hui, mais merci !
  16. Hello, Pour ce mois-ci : Monthly Quality Rollup KB4503292 remplace KB4499164. A priori pas d'autre mise à jour remplacée, je regarde pour la méthode classique.
  17. Bonjour, Version 2019-06 pour MRT Rien pour les DNF 3.5 de W7 SP1 ou pour DNF 4.8 Merci de vos retours. @+
  18. Changes in Daum 1.7.18958 (2019-06-10): Added the ability to resize video according to display resolution Fixed a problem that causes buffering when playing tvingTV Fixed a problem that causes the video image to disappear when playing certain MPEG files Fixed a problem where certain CUE files were incorrectly parsed Fixed a problem that causes the program to crash when rendering bitmap-based subtitles in certain situations Fixed a problem where Logitech BRIO webcam did not work in certain situations Fixed a problem that no sound while playing certain MP4 files Fixed an issue that starting play
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  20. @abbodi hello how to uninstall NET.framework 4.7.2 preinstalled in install.wim
  21. Changes between 3.0.6 and 3.0.7: -------------------------------- Access: * Improve Blu-ray support * Fix sftp module build with libssh >= 1.8.1 Audio output: * Fix pass-through on Android-23 * Fix DirectSound drain Demux: * Improve MP4 support Video Output: * Fix 12 bits sources playback with Direct3D11 * Fix crash on iOS * Fix midstream aspect-ratio changes when Windows hardware decoding is on * Fix HLG display with Direct3D11 Stream Output: * Improve Chromecast support with new ChromeCast apps
  22. Inclus dans mon ISO Seven unattended, marche nickel. Merci
  23. I have most of the Windows 7 and Office 2007, 2010 downloads in English saved. I am thinking of creating an archive by uploading all of those along with hashes but I don't have a good file host (for now). I would suggest MSDN if you have access and torrents on DigitalRiver mirror. They are all unmodified and you have a higher chance of getting the correct hash. It is not a good idea to download from Softlay (I've seen a few modified downloads with keygen and crack).
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