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  1. How did you download iso? What is your default downloads location?
  2. Well, both links are from *microsoft.com so they should be safe, although Microsoft has obviously removed access to latest media creation tool.
  3. Already?? I might do another fresh install, considering I have some AMD driver issues with the current Windows 10 installation. This tool also downloads the Professional version, right? BTW, the first link is dead.
  4. Me neither, but those are conditions of the RarLab company.
  5. Hey, I have just found a culprit for my problem Check the note below BR, Nik
  6. Yeah, I have received my mail yesterday and have installed it. I have noticed that MEGA versions are not updating automatically. This official build does update My first impression is that it is working faster than the Google Chrome browser, although sync is still not working properly. At home PC I have installed Microsoft Edge and have imported everything from Google Chrome, including passwords, bookmarks, history, etc. Now, I have installed Microsoft Edge at work and I have selected to use it from scratch instead of importing data from Google Chrome. Once I have logged in with my Microsoft account I was able to sync the data from my PC@home, but as I can see Edge has synced my bookmarks and history from home PC, but not the passwords. Maybe I did something wrong or it just could be an early beta issue. So far I really like it
  7. Please try with another browser or disable any adblockers that you might have. BR, Nik
  8. Hey SnowBall, are these links safe? Who did upload these files? Can we check file hashes somehow? BR, Nik
  9. Hi Nirav, the WinRAR giveaway will be published during the next month on our Blog pages (http://www.wincert.net). Once published, you can apply for the giveaway and if you're lucky you could win one of our 5 WinRAR v5.7x lifetime licenses.
  10. Soon, we'll have another WinRAR giveaway and we will provide 5-lifetime licenses for the latest 5.7x version. Is that a warez also?
  11. Other videos have better sound Just that particular one regarding Article 13 has lower quality sound, although not totally bad.
  12. Unbelievable. So, this is now a final decision? Is there any chance that article 13 could be modified or changed in the future so it would not do so much harm to small platforms like ours? You've made a nice explanation regarding Article 13 on HeiDoc YouTube channel, although the sound quality could be better
  13. Actually, I didn't expect that. I thought that more than 5 million signatures will mean something
  14. FFS https://www.cnet.com/news/article-13-eu-approves-controversial-copyright-law/
  15. Yeah, I only need that painless synch of passwords, bookmarks and browsing history across devices with the use of Microsoft account, just as I now have with Google, although apart from that I really don't need a Gmail account.
  16. But it still is in early beta right?
  17. If they will manage to get this one right, I could switch to Edge from Chrome for good. I could also close the Gmail account and have only Outlook for my personal e-mails.
  18. NIM


    Hi there, welcome here
  19. Once upon a time, the internet was free... I will sign the petition for sure!
  20. Maybe we can ask users from the International part of the forum to be more active in the English language part of the forum if possible. I am sure that most of those users can write in the English language. We can create an announcement in each International forum calling users to switch to the English part of the forum.
  21. Yeah, I thought about that before but it is hardly achievable. I will consult with Jan to see if this is possible. Initially, this was an English language forum, but users asked me to created the International part of the forum where other languages could be used.
  22. Hi locksnail, have you tried these steps? https://www.passfab.com/excel/forgot-excel-2010-password.html Regards, Nik
  23. Yes, we plan to have another WinRAR giveaway in the next 2 months, so keep an eye on WinCert.net blog BR, Nik
  24. Using Windows 10 since I'm always up-to-date with the latest version of the Microsoft operating system, although I don't like where Windows 10 is going.I prefer Windows 7 look anytime over Windows 10 since I just can't get used to that UWP look. Other than that, Windows 10 is very stable OS and I can't say that I had issues with it.
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