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  1. Ooo, thanks. I'm glad to see the forum is doing so well. I'll have to come by more often.
  2. My guess would be somewhere around the second quarter this year, April or May. Nothing is official yet, though.
  3. My name comes from Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines. The leader of the Anarchs(vampire rebels), named Nines Rodriguez.
  4. 18 Sundsvall, Sweden Student
  5. Have you given the namechange any more thought, N1K?
  6. That's actually not from Team America, it's from the 200th Stargate SG-1 episode. A joke episode to celebrate 200 aired episodes. On with the movies...
  7. However, seeing as Unreal Engine 3 is the most advanced engine to date, it wouldn't surprise me.
  8. Win Tech IT News IT Tech IT Tech News Tech News IT Win Tech News Win Tech IT ... I could go on... You can get lots of good names just by combining those four words.
  9. Sweet, I'm going to try and fit that userbar into my sig at Beyondunreal.
  10. Those are beautiful. :clap:
  11. Hahahaha, that's hilarious. :clap:
  12. It looks fantastic and it's easier to navigate. :clap:
  13. Well, the game won't be out until next year, so there's enough time to get a new comp.
  14. That "german" guy in the white outfit is actually a swedish actor named Peter Stormare.
  15. Aha, so that's why I couldn't open the site at school.
  16. Seriously? Hahahah. I'll have to try this sometime.
  17. I might be on tonight as well. Oh, and ping is usually not a problem for me.
  18. Nines

    I'm here

    Welcome. :welcome:
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