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  1. I have 4 sticks of each 1 gb, tried each alone as well as in combination in both slots.
  2. I have also cleaned ram with school rubber and cleaned ram slot too. But still no luck.
  3. I have old pc having AMD Sempron 2.20ghz single core processor. 2 GB of DDR2 RAM 500gb hdd. AMI BIOS SIMMTRONICS MOTHERBOARD MY pc gets stuck ar checking NVRAM.. It can't pass the post test. Solution already tried : 1. I have resetted bios settings to default. 2. I have shorted cmos jumpers and cleared cmos. 3. I have pulled out a cmos battery and and cleared cmos. 4. I have tried turning on my pc on minimum components like only power cables of mobo. And harddisk. 5. Tried removing all connected usbs. Can somebody help me
  4. @moomsDo you have your custom split streamed iso of windows 7 Ultimate latest 2019
  5. @Jan KrohnHey what is the windows 7 August 2018 updated iso, is it official iso by Microsoft or just split streamed by someone? Win 7 Ultimate 2018 iso in widows iso downloader
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