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    Legolash2o got a reaction from Tutos Devweb in ISO Maker   
    This tools turns your folder with the Windows image in it, into a fully bootable ISO. As of v1.4.0.1 ISO Maker now supports UEFI as default.

    Step 1: Select the folder you wish you wish to make into an ISO.
    Press the first 'Browse' button.
    Step 2: Type in an ISO label.
    Step 3: Select where you want to save the new ISO.
    Press the second 'Browse' button.
    Option: Boot Image
    You can choose to add a custom boot image if required, i recommend you leave this at the default setting unless you are having issues.
    Option: Rebuild Image
    It is best to rebuild the image before it makes an ISO, this will decrease the size of your WIM image especially if you have made lots of changes and removed file.
    Step 4: Press 'Start'
    Once pressing start a black command prompt screen should appear with a progress indicator.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from alfreire in [DONATE] Small contribution... ;-)   
    Aww thanks, you didn't have to
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from esieee in What are GDR, LDR and QFE Updates?   
    Basic Description
    General Distribution Release
    GDR packages contain only security and critical stability issue fixes. These are usually released via Windows Update.
    Limited Distribution Release
    LDR packages contain "other" fixes that have not undergone as extensive testing, and resolve issues that only a fraction of the millions of Windows users might ever encounter. You usually request these from the Microsoft website but they're mostly found in SoLoR Updates.
    Quick Fix Engineering
    QFE is the old name for LDR (above).
    How are they installed differently?
    At the end of the day, if you have LDR/QFE Mode enabled it will install LDR Mode if the update has that option regardless if its cab or an msu file.

    MSU Files
    *.msu files will get installed normally using the command below.

    pkgmgr.exe/norestart /ip /o:"C:\W7T\Mount;C:\W7T\Mount\Windows" /m:"UpdateLocation\update.msu" /quiet

    If you have LDR/QFE Mode enabled then the *.cab file is extracted and the below (CAB Files) method is then applied to the newly extract cab file.
    CAB Files
    Normally *.cab updates have a file called 'update.mum' but LDR updates also have a file called 'update-bf.mum', if the 'update-bf.mum' is not detected W7T will install cab files normally. Cab files are usually extract from the msu file or when a user has used 'MSU to CAB Converter'

    pkgmgr.exe/norestart /ip /o:"C:\W7T\Mount;C:\W7T\Mount\Windows" /m:"CABLocation" /quiet

    If, however the update-bf.mum has been located it will extract the cab to a temp folder and install both *.mum files like so:

    pkgmgr.exe/norestart /ip /o:"C:\W7T\Mount;C:\W7T\Mount\Windows" /m:"ExtractCABTemp\\Update.mum" /quiet
    pkgmgr.exe/norestart /ip /o:"C:\W7T\Mount;C:\W7T\Mount\Windows" /m:"ExtractCABTemp\\Update-bf.mum" /quiet

    That's it.
    Full Description

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    Legolash2o got a reaction from CrAzYs in What Happened to Win Toolkit 1.5 ?   
    It was just easier. I'm still planning on doing a v1.5 release when I start adding requests. I focused on University for a while so I had a huge backlog of error logs.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from CrAzYs in [SOLVED] IE10 langpack not integrated in   
    v1.4.1.16 went something like this.For each update in list{-IntegrateUpdate-CheckIntegrationSucessful}v1.4.1.17+
    For each update in list{-if update already integrated then--skip-else--IntegrateUpdate--CheckIntegrationSucessful}The "if update already integrated then" always returned true when it came to the IE LangPack.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from Stimpy in [Solved] Installer error if "Copy Folder" is set   
    I will investigate this now.
    EDIT: All fixed.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from Stimpy in [Not-Solved?] AIO Tool   
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from Stimpy in [Solved] WinToolkitRunOnce.exe not responding   
    I've just managed to reproduce this error. It has now been fixed.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from Stimpy in [Solved] Win Toolkit Installer   
    Grrr, it's been fixed. Damn typo lol.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from Stimpy in [SOLVED] IE10 langpack not integrated in   
    VirtualBox just finished installing. IE10 menu's were in FRENCH
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from noob in Tweaks [Merged]   
    In v1.3.0.41A+ you can now select reg files on the AIO Tool (Tweak Tab), you don't have to convert the reg file, Win Toolkit will do this for you. This new feature lets you import your own custom tweaks via Win Toolkit.
    My point is that you don't have to make a request for every tweak BUT if you think a tweak will be great for other users, feel free to share in this thread. Also make sure W7T does not already contain the tweak(s).
    a handy reference for tweaks is the Group Policy Settings Reference - this lists the registry keys
    here's the direct link to the Win 7/Server 2008 sheet...
    WindowsServer2008R2andWindows7GroupPolicySettings.xlsx (612 KB)
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from justicegate in Update Catalog   
    This tool lets you download the latest updates which are not available via Windows Updates. This updates are know as QFE updates and are made available to those who have specific issues but everyone just integrates them anyway.

    Note: Previous use
    If you have used this tool before then use the top browse button and select the folder you downloaded to them previously.
    Step 1: Select from list
    Select which updates you want in the list, i.e. Windows 7 x64. If you selected a previous folder then W7T will scan and tell you which updates are new and move the old ones to a folder called 'Old'
    Step 2: Select Updates
    Once selected W7T will show you a list of updates and all of the ones you don't have should be clicked.
    Step 3: Start
    Press 'Download' and watch your updates download.
    Some updates go into sub-folders because they only need installing if you have that specific feature installed and they're not always needed.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from trueliar in Update Retriever   
    When you download updates via Windows Update, Windows leave a copy of the CAB file into a folder which CAB Retriever lets you copy to a place of your choice or just delete them to save space. The files you decide to copy can be used to integrate into your WIM image.
    A new feature is that it will also scan WindowsUpdate.log for any MSU links which you may want to download.
    NOTE: You can only use CAB Retriever if you have *.cab files available to copy.

    Option 1: Copy Selected
    Using the list, select the files you want to copy. You can also hold the ctrl key to select multiple files. This option will then only copy the selected files to the folder of your choice.
    Option 2: Copy All
    This will copy all the files in the list to a selected folder
    Option 3: Delete Selected
    Same as option 1 but this deletes the file from the Windows Update temp folder.
    Option 4: Delete All
    Same as option 2 but deletes the files from the Windows Update temp folder.
    Source Folder
    This will take you to the folder containing the actually *.cab files.
    Destination Folder
    This will take you to the folder where you chose to copy the files to.
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    Legolash2o reacted to ricktendo in Grateful user that do not understand...   
    Go here and you will find some "sample" autounattend files that show how to automatically format your hdd, use UEFI if you have a UEFI capable bios or the BIOS if you dont
    For the other autounattend.xml stuff you can check out this PDF
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from RicaNeaga in [SOLVED] IE10 langpack not integrated in   
    So the problem is because 'IE10 & KB2786081' are not pushed into the prerequisites list? Mooms, what did you do different to that they wan't in the prerequisites list. Did you import the last session?
    I've added a right-click option where you can move updates to and from the prerequisites list.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from CrAzYs in Update   
    An engineer visit has been booked, so I will be back soon Don't worry I've still be coding and such whilst I've barely had an internet connection.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from CrAzYs in Language Bar   
    V22 uses all of them
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from alfreire in Language Bar   
    V22 uses all of them
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from Gideon in [Solved]Win Toolkit unusable for me   
    The clue is in the message:
    Meaning, it will only add Internet Explorer and Windows XP Mode.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from digital john in The Little Things   
    v20 has been released with bug fixes and the suggestions above. Thanks
    Just to add. Whoever gives the most overall feedback gets a key to remove those adverts within Win Toolkit!
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from vaveasna in All-In-One Integrator   
    The 'All-In-One Integrator' is one of the most important tools available in Windows 7 Toolkit, this is the tool which lets you integrate everything into your image such as Updates, Drivers, Wallpapers, Tweaks, Gadgets, etc... but it also lets your remove things too, so lets get started...
    Selecting your image
    When you first load the 'AIO Integrator' you will be asked which image you wish you use, if the list it empty, click 'Browse' and select your extract ISO or select the install.wim directly. Once done you should see a list of images, you can either double click an item or press select.
    TIP: You can hold ctrl or shift to select more than one image, once done press 'Select'.

    Select your preset
    If you have used this tool before then you will be greeted by a list of things you have previously done, you can simply select a previous tasks and click 'Load Preset' or if you want to start fresh and do something different then press 'Skip (No Preset)'.

    This tab has all the most important tools, to get the most basic jobs done such as integrate updates and drivers. I recommend beginners or new users to stick to this tab.
    Basic: Addons
    Addons are pre-installed programs which have been created by other users (usually *reaper*), they have the file extension *.WA, I would probably say programs such as crap cleaner and flash are the most common.
    If you have any addons then press 'Add Addons' at the top or the green '+' button on the left to add them to this list.

    Basic: Drivers
    Drivers are what make your devices and hardware work, sometimes its easy just to them them already installed after you have installed Windows. If you want to add some you just have to press 'Add Drivers' and browse to the folder which contains your drivers (*.inf files).
    You may notice that not all of them get added, this is because W7T does not include duplicate drivers with the same MD5 files and not all *.inf files are actually drivers and just normal inf files.
    Red: If the user has selected an x86 image and then adds an x64 driver to the integration list then that driver will display red.
    Blue: When adding drivers to the list Win Toolkit also makes note of the *.inf MD5 hash, if there's another driver with the same MD5 hash then the items will change to a blue.

    Basic: Gadgets
    Gadgets are those little widgets things on your desktop, for example 'CPU Meter'. On Vista they had the gadget bar but on Windows 7 you can place them anywhere. If you want to have addons pre-installed then click 'Add Gadgets' and select all of your *.gadget files.

    Basic: Theme Packs
    These area of the tool lets you add your Windows themes, so when you have installed Windows you can select from your favourite theme packs. Just click 'Add Themes' and select your *.themepack files.

    Basic: Updates + Languages
    Its very handy to have all of the Windows updates installed. This makes sure your computer is up-to-date, bug free and more secure. Click 'Add Updates' and simply selected your *.MSU or *.CAB files and they will be added to the list, alternatively you can change the drop down box from MSU/CAB to EXE which will allow you to install Internet Explorer 9 and Windows XP Mode.
    NOTE: If you wish to install updates in LDR/QFE Mode then the option to do that is on the 'Options' tab at the top.

    Basic: Wallpapers
    As usual, this one is pretty self-explanatory, here you can add your favourite desktop wallpapers so that they are ready to be selected after Windows installation.

    Users who have more experience with Windows 7 Toolkit or experience with modifying images can use this tab, i wouldn't recommend new users to start using this until they gain a bit of confidence.
    Advaned: Component Removal
    Windows comes with features already installed, this features can be anything from Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Center to more important features. The list you see here is not a full as the list from 'Component Remover' because the AIO contains a pre-defined set of features which i've manually added whilst 'Component remover' actively scans your image and lists everything including updates.
    I wouldn't recommend this to new users at all, and just to note that once something has been removed it can't be returned without using a fresh ISO. This tab doesn't do a full removal like vLite and uninstalls the features using DISM.

    Advanced: vLite
    Some users may instantly know what this does, this is similar to Component Removal but actually deletes files and therefore reduces the image size more significantly. It quite a new tool so there's not many items yet but i will hopefully add more as time progresses.

    Advanced: Files
    This replaces files within your image, so if for example you modify system32 files, you can import them into your image using this tool. This will most probably be used by users who have custom 3rd party theme files. Caution though as replacing an important file with a bad one can and most probably will make your ISO unbootable, so be very careful!

    Advanced: Services
    As you know Windows has many services running in the background. This part of the tool lets you reduce that and get the best performance from your computer. As you can see on the picture (below) you have to click the item in the column to change its value. You can also choose from 'BlackVipers' presets depending on what you use your computer for, you can also use the shortcut buttons on the left to do the same thing.
    NOTE: Services which are important are not available in the list, if you don't know anything about a service you can press the purple 'i' button on the left sidebar.

    Advanced: Silent Installs + SFX
    A lot of users like to have programs installed silently after Windows has completely installed, simply click 'Add Silent Installer' and select your EXE, you may have to go on google to find it's silent switch which is usually something like '/s /q /qn /quiet /silent' and so on.
    TIP: Some developers have already created silent installers so you can leave that box blank. If you have a folder full of silent installers then you can select them all and they will be added in bulk.
    Option: Always Install
    If you tick this option the the program(s) you add will be installed automatically, if it's unticked then it will ask the user what program(s) they wish to install straight after Windows installation.
    Option: Copy Folder
    Some programs such as Office have a setup.exe and then a bunch of other needed files in the same/sub-folder as the installer. Tick this option to include those files. This option is not usually needed.

    Advanced: Tweaks
    Most users will add tweaks to their install, there are literally hundreds to describe them all here but hopefully the descriptions are detailed enough for you. Just simply tick the ones you want.

    You don't really have to change these, most of them are used by me (Legolash2o) to debug issues. If you need to know what something is then just put your mouse over its name and a tooltip will appear.
    I will mention that the 'Prompts' items are they ones which tell you after AIO has finished what has been integrated successfully.

    OK now your ready, click start and you will be asked to enter a name, this is so you can use the same session next time you use AIO Integrator, similar to vLite/nLite last session presets.

    The image will automatically mount if not mounted:

    It will then integrate everything, green means the update has been integrated sucessfully, whilst yellow is the current item it's working on:

    Once done the image will save all the changes:

    Some drivers or language packs need to mount the boot.wim if, if it does then it will mount it now. Drivers are ususally ones for SCSI, HDD and SATA devices:

    Once everything has been completed it willre build the image to decrease it size so your ISO will be much smaller (hopefully).

    Now that everything is done, you can review what got integrated, now you can use the ISO Maker to create an ISO or just copy it to your USB device (assuming it's bootable).

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    Legolash2o reacted to Mike2Able in Update   
    I have noticed a splash screen in version 1.4.18 the says the image was created with Win Toolkit during the last part of Windows Installation.
    Why has this been done?  I have not changed any settings within the application.  Just curious..
    Great Product!!
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from Belarathon in Stuck at "cleaning KB2729462..."   
    I've made some changes and hopefully this is fixed.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from Stimpy in [Solved] WinToolKit vs KB2771431 and KB2774195   
    I've made it so updates which receive 0x800f082e errors get automatically added to the silent installers list and make the item go peach instead of pink/red.
    I could probably make it so that all failed updates go into silent installer automatically, but that can end badly.
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    Legolash2o got a reaction from CrAzYs in Thank You to the Community and a big hug to Lego   
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