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  1. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD @George King The more difficult to solve BSOD is in 0x000000A5 (0x00000002, xxx, 0x00000001 and or 0x00000000 , yyy) Dietmar
  2. I make some more fun: Here I compare a 12600 against an i980 on a x58 Sabertooth board with generic XP SP3. This x58 board has onboard USB3 (Nec, 214MByte/s RW) and also 6 GByte Sata (Sata3). Voila, geekbench 2 shows about 14000 points for the 12600 cpu and about 12000 points for the i980 cpu. Hm, this means nearly no difference in speed in 11 years old cpu Dietmar PS: All USB works with the nice win8 driver from @Mov AX, 0xDEAD .
  3. @Strange_Aeons This is the website frome @daniel_k . https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/drivers-and-tools-to-run-windows-xp-on-newer-hardware.81607/ There are also new usb drivers for XP SP3 Dietmar
  4. @Strange_Aeons Here it is from @Mov AX, 0xDEAD https://ufile.io/pfj0x2rv For me, this USB driver works on all Intel boards, have a nice day Dietmar
  5. Oh.. soso much fun;)). This is my generic XP SP3, which can boot all Intel boards. This is photo from Asrock x58 extreme. It has an IDE connector and an connector for Floppy drive. Just now it works also with nvme Optane 905p Dietmar
  6. @pappyN4 In this nvme win8.1 package is a storport.sys modded from win8.0 for XP SP3. May be, this is what you are looking for Dietmar https://ufile.io/139f81qr
  7. @pappyN4 The Samsung nvme driver does not work always. But for example, for the Intel Optane 905p it works Dietmar
  8. @pappyN4 Here it is. Pass is my name from the deleted Fernando forum thread Dietmar https://ufile.io/91lkw4t0
  9. @George King It is mistake from me. This USB driver is from win8.0 Dietmar
  10. @Andalu It is this storport.sys https://ufile.io/4euzojgb with SHA-1 3DDD09C2E6909926E8CE0F672CA7F8C020420050 Have a nice day Dietmar
  11. I just build an XP SP3 with the Sata driver from Kai and the storport.sys with SMART support, with all updates for XP and my last acpi.sys from last August. For USB I use the from Win8.1 ported driver. It boots XP SP3 on all(!) my Intel boards from x58 to z690, always all USB works, niccccee Dietmar
  12. @Vertex Use the Sata driver from Kai Schtrom. This are the most generic drivers for AHCI devices until now Dietmar https://sourceforge.net/projects/storahci-for-windows-2003/files/latest/download
  13. I make some tests with the Alder lake 12600 cpu on the Biostar Valkyre z690A board under XP SP3 with all updates. This cpu has only 6 power cores, 12 threads exact as the 8700k, no E-cores. Now comes bad surprise: Even in benchmark they told, that this cpu should be as fast as the 11900k, this is a lie. CinebenchR11.5 shows 15.01 Points on 12600 cpu and CinebenchR11.5 shows 14.57 Points on 8700k. Geekbench2.4 shows 17920 points on 12600 and Geekbench2.4 shows 19517 points on 8700k. This Benchmark results from the 12600 cpu fit nearly exact with my AMD Ryzen 1700x cpu. Another bad effect I noticed: With the same cooler, the 12900k cpu reaches 56 degree when power consumption is about 104 Watt. But for the 12600 cpu, with 40 Watt the termperature reaches 58 degree. May be, that this is a problem, how the speed of the Dark 4 Pro cooler is set, depending on Watt and temperature on the Biostar z690A board Dietmar PS: Serial debug does not work on any of the z690 boards, even with integrated COM port Serial Windbg not works.
  14. @infuscomus @Dallen Best for XP nvme boot is an Intel Optane drive, I have Optane 905p with 960 Gbyte. No need for any trim on this Optane nvme device. It is still the fastest nvme of all. But hard to find now and very expensive. Normal nvme device you can choose, whatever you want for XP. The newer the nvme drive, the more bad its quality. I prefer Samsung 950 Pro (very special nvme with own Bios), 960 Pro, 970 Pro, 980 Pro. The best nvme driver for XP is this one, ported from Win8.1 by @Mov AX, 0xDEAD https://ufile.io/i6arez1e I would not use the Samsung nvme driver because of its crazy filterdriver Dietmar
  15. I test also the Msi pro z690-a ddr4 board with 12900k cpu for XP SP3. Only with the very first Bios 7D25v10 2021-09-15 I succeed to boot XP SP3 (only after CMOS reset). On the PS/2 slot keyboard and mouse do not work together, only one each. Not possible in Bios to deselect the less powerful E-cores. Under XP SP3, restart also does not work, compi hangs on reboot. I dont like this board. Very much I like the Asrock z690 Extreme, where you can set a lot in Bios. And this is the only board until now, that works flawless under XP SP3 with 12900k cpu and 32 Gbyte ram. I can boot XP from Harddisk, USB, nvme, ram, all works on this nice board Dietmar
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