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  1. No worries dougie, please keep up the hard work on this as I think once you get the kinks all out it's gonna be an awesome program. Besides, my pc was due for a clean install..it's been at least a month now. lol I'll be there to test your next release.... with a full hard drive image backed up prior of course. Good Luck!
  2. I installed the latest version today and everything was cool until I uninstalled it and rebooted the pc only to be greeted with a missing ntoskrnl error that left me reinstalling windows. :angry: Anyone else have this or was it an isolated problem?
  3. Nice Ricktendo64. BTW, the link for the "latest mce addon" is for the Espa
  4. Thanks snakecracker, but I'm talking about repacking the nLite Addon made by ricktendo64 with the gadgets I have downloaded not how to add gadgets to an existing sidebar.
  5. Hi Ricktendo64. Thanks for this awesome sidebar and for continuing to update it. I wanted to add some gadgets to the svcpack\gadgets folder and then repack the addon. Now, when I open the Gadgets.exe with WinRAR I get a Gadgets folder and inside I get Gadgets and Shared Gadgets folders. Which one of these do I use to add my new gadgets to? I guess Shared Gadgets would be the safe bet. Also, do I use the file that I downloaded from the net ie: All_CPU_Meter.gadget or do I first need to install it and then add the folder from C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Shared Gadgets\? Thanks!
  6. Well, thanks to you both! I'm using a lot of Onepiece's fine work and hope he continues the updates! Cheers.
  7. Thanks nonno fabio! I removed the Desktop Search using your editor and it worked perfect! Best addon since Rick's Sidebar. :prop: FeArEd.
  8. Thanks zEn. BTW, new version now is 5.2 Found something similar and it's FREEWARE!!! Smart Recovery I'm gonna test it this weekend. Thanks for your Add-On.
  9. DennyMK, Is there a way to edit your addon so that when it silent installs it removes the check mark as not make yahoo the default home page? Thanks!
  10. Thanks DennyMK. Also, thanks for the addon! Edit: Does the addon install the Yahoo Toolbar? I only tested it by running the exe inside the "svcpack". Screen Shot
  11. Nice Geej, Thanks for the info. I'll give this one a try!
  12. You are correct. It was another program that was a SFX archive trying to extract itself inside the iso. Nice work ricktendo64. Thanks, I now have corrected that program and both yours and *reaper*'s versions install properly as you said.
  13. Thanks ricktendo64. I'm trying a 7zip by *Reaper* at the moment. I will retest with yours later today. BTW, could you tell me the difference from yours to that of *Reaper*'s? Yours has the .inf file added. What's the benefit? And thanks again for your help!
  14. I tested a new 7-Zip Addon intergrated using nLite on a Windows MCE SP3 platform and received the following errors at T-13. and then after clicking OK this error Anyone have this happen? I will try another release, but I wonder what went wrong. Thanks! ********************************* Entries_7-Zip.ini ;====================================== ; 7-Zip Archiver addon by ricktendo64 | ;====================================== [general] builddate=2009/01/03 description=7-Zip Archiver. language=Multilanguage title=7-Zip version=4.64 website=http://www.7-zip.org/ [sysoc] 7-Zip=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,
  15. Not the same build but I don't think much difference. http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?sho...amp;#entry40086
  16. Last revision and date. Correct me if I'm wrong. WPI: v7.2.2 - Released December 21th, 2008 RyanVM Intergrator: v1.5.3- Released April 15th, 2008 nLite: v1.4.9.1- Released September 11th. 2008 HFSLIP by TommyP: v1.7.8 - UNKNOWN last release date.
  17. Puran Defrag Ease, speed..not overly expensive. Around $20. Boot time defrag for MFT. Low priority defrag lets you still operate your computer with no noticeable slow down. Defrag on Right Click. It's the only defragmenter I use.
  18. Please give your opinion on integrators and maybe insight to why one is better than the other. Pros-Cons, best support..etc. If you use something other than the programs listed please add it here and I will add the name to the poll. Thanks.
  19. ****************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** Defragging efficiency would be a main reason as would security and just plain good "house keeping". Setting up a new PC/Clean Install with multiple partitions scenario. If possible (money/space providing), grab another hard drive to store your pictures, videos, personal stuff..etc as 36Gb HDD isn't very big in todays standards. 10Gb for major apps will get eaten up fast with a couple photo, video, or office applications not to mention cu
  20. Thanks. I post a link for anyone else wondering what you are talking about RunOnceEx BatchPack
  21. Yes Sir! Delete this thread please.
  22. Without WPI, is there another way? Thanks for the fast reply Rick! Sorry for the n00b Q's but getting a response from the pros here is faster and more accurate than searching google..etc.
  23. Very fast! Too bad I compiled my iso without it before the fix Guess we were the guinie pigs LordK.lol Starting a new iso with the update now. Thanks Dougie.
  24. I was wondering if there is a command line that can be added in nLite or RVM so once the install of an OS is finished that all desktop icons would be deleted? If so, whats the command and where should it be added? Thanks!
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