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  1. hi. i just want to create unattended.xml wihich is include this sections only (i did not understand how to craete and edit the xml file.) cd key,windows 7 ultimate, tr-TR,and runonce command e.g: %systemdrive%\install\runonce.cmd. i dont want anymore for unattending (user name company name etc). i will create a runonce.cmd it include silent installation command for software and drivers. and last what folder will i put the unattended.xml file in win 7 dvd? and do i need to edit install.wim file for unattending windows ? thanks
  2. thank you OnePiece. have nice works
  3. how do i automatically add bitlocker to go reader icon to start menu\programs\accessories ?
  4. OnePiece bitlocker to go intl addonunu sadece turkce olarak duzenledim Indir "Special thanks to Onepiece"
  5. i download and made addon winrar 3.90 and 3.91. when i install the addon winrar, default language changing to english. im using turkish winrar. what is wrong im doing. edit. i red German Lorenx post and solved my problem :prop: )
  6. hi. can anyone make me to microsoft iscsi initiator 2.08 (x86) addon. i want it as a true (real) addon ) iscsi 2.08 sory for my english thank you.
  7. arkadaşlar ricktendo64 un addonlarını referans alarak turk
  8. thanks for your works but i can not download it
  9. i think you can make it with resource hacker. just download taskmgr for sp3 and take all icongroup from in it and replace with your sp2 taskmgr.
  10. outcast

    Final S

    en son mobility driver burada arkadaşlar catalayst mobility 9.3 ati x serisi (x1xxx x700 vs ) driver paketinin silent komutu setup.exe -s indir
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