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  1. Yay, just in time! Already installed 1.4RC and was ready to create a new disc, but I thought, let's stop by at Rick's and see if he has anything new up, first
  2. That's fine with me. Still remembering the HashTab desaster My post wasn't meant to hurry you to the new version but rather as a heads up that is has been released
  3. While I never had this problem myself, shouldn't you at least see some red X image that you could click on for the same effect? Granted, it doesn't look so shiney and nice as the original black DL buttons but it should do the trick, right?
  4. Version 4.3 is out if I'm not mistaken (read about it elsewhere).
  5. I'm sorry to say but the DL is no dice (404)... Pretty sad about that, this is something I have been searching for years now (I got soo many great WPs but changing them manually is just too much efford... ).
  6. Yay! :speak_cool: :yahoo: All praise Wolf! :worthy: :worthy:
  7. Does that mean the original notepad.EXE is being overwritten or does this just set the file allocations to NP++ and you could always manually start the originial or adjust the allocations?
  8. Nah, you aren't causing me any trouble. I don't blame you, just this darn host It's working fine now, a bit slow, but I leas I can get the file without hassles. Thank you very much for your effords! :thumbsup_anim:
  9. Unfortunately, your host isn't working for me. I have been trying all day to get the file to DL, but after I wait for the captcha code, enter that and click the presented link, I always (in 20+ or so tries) geta page not found error... This is really driving me mad! >8(
  10. Wow, very kewl, just what I needed!
  11. Any apps that you do not want/cannot install as an AddOn can be installed by WPI. It also allows you to create different "profiles" and select/deselect certain apps prior to installation. Hence, it is way more cutomized than any AddOn could ever be. If you only install one one single machine (yours), there's probabaly not too much need for it, but for a true universal unattended install disc this is Godsent! Whether you really need it or not is a question impossible to answer. Do you "need" any of the AddOns here? Certainly not, you can install everything manually. Does it speed up your installation and cut down your clicking work? Certainly. Same for WPI. You could probabaly code your own script to run several installers in a row using "wait" command and whatnot. But that does not provide you any GUI (and, boy, there are some **** fine themes out for it! ), nor is it easy to customize. The big advantage for WPI in my case is that it allows me to install size-extensive apps from another disc than the %SOURCE%. Also, you may not want to install MS Office for each person, as some prefer Open Office etc. Video encoding and editing software/codecs may not be needed on a pure office PC, to give another example.
  12. ... when I had just finished a new ISO... Gotta test it anyway and when it doesn't work all too properly, I now have another reason do redo it!
  13. Yeah, I couldn't "see" any improvements over 1.11 and it certainly "looked" as if there was no QA involved at all! (that or the author uses the plain Classic Theme only...)
  14. So, I was going to build my ISO now and this error is popping up when selecting this AddOn: Basically, it's complaining about the language mismatch (Eng/Ger). I suspect this is due to the WLAN hotfix, because I was getting the same message when I tried the old AddOn with said fix (using the German version of the fix from MS worked - at least for the error message, don't have any WLAN device I could test on right now). Any chance of ever having this addressed? I suspect the only possibility is to either create a separate pack for each language the hotfix is presented in or remove the fix from the Alky package making it a stand-alone one again (so each user can pick the hotfix, which can be integrated in the ordinary format using nLite, so it does NOT have to be converted into an AddOn first, from MS's site). Going to try with this regardless now, but, as I said, no WLAN device to test on so I can't verify nothing (unless it gives me a BSOD... :confused02: ).
  15. I just booted up my machine, got this email in my inbox informing me about this, i8mmediately clicked the link and went to this site and WOW, rick, you sooo made my day! Moreso since I was just about to create a new ISO anyway. Perfect timing, innit?! :speak_cool:
  16. The pics aren't showing up, unfortunately... (I'd like to use this!)
  17. While I do agree with you that a thoughtful and sensible use of computers and the internet definately is a must; and I certainly do not click on everything that's shiny and colourful, this doesn't get you very far if you come to look at it. Firstly, companies such as ASUS and hp had infected driver files on their official FTPs. Common sense would mostly assume files coming from big companies through their official channels are save, but evidently they are not. Also, a lot of computer magazines managed to get viruses on their cover discs, again, you would assume these were save. Secondly, do you DL AddOns from here? If so, even if we can exclude any malevolent acts by all the contributors around here, if any of these also does not use an AV programme because they consider themselves carefully enough not to click suspicious mail attachments, they could have become infected unnoticedly - and so could the AddOn be. Now, if you also do not us AV, you may also catch it - and you wouldn't even know! That said, while you may consider yourself save because you haven't been infected in x years, how can you be sure? Just because there haven't been any obvious negative effects doesn't mean you are completely clean. Most modern viruses will not delete your HDDs but they will open backdoors on your system so it becomes a slave in a botnet sending out spam, participating in DDoS attacks and so on. If you are using a flatrate internet connection, you are unlikely to even notice this. Hence, the only situation where you can do fine without an AV programme is on a system always disconnected from the net, where you do not put any external media (CDs/DVDs/FDDs/USB Sticks etc) on and the only data on it is created by yourself. And if you do not want to have any auto-protection solution running (because of your precious resources, maybe?), you should at least periodically scan for viruses, rootkits and trojans using a bootable CD/DVD. There already is, as I created one
  18. Deinftaely, but that is not an all-around solution (whether that is actually good or bad I leave open for debate). In any case, ESET (the NOD32 makers) are having a secruity suite in beta (which you can try for free - looks quite promising, IMO) up here: http://www.eset.eu/download/beta Well, I'm quite confident with my NOD32 addon *blushes* The core app isn't updated that often and you can easily get the virus signatures via online update. Also, having an AV solution installed right on the start means you won't get this nasty Win Security Center shield bitching about it (yes, it can be disabled, but still). Anyway, it just feels better to have one on board As for Kasperski or Zonealarm, I dunno, I guess Kasp is the better one from what you read but still. I definately favour an antivrius-only solution and using a decent hardware router as a firewall. All these PFWs aren't secure at all, tricking you into thinking you were...
  19. Thanks, but 4.51β is already out! ...And with a critical bugfix, too! Changes: - Bug was fixed: 7-Zip 4.50 beta could not open some .7z archives. http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...lease_id=527548
  20. Helmi


    Unfortunately, I haven't narrowed it down enough to find out which one exactly was causing this. As I am using about 40 addons (or so, I never counted them, but it is a lot!), that would take weeks to find out, I guess... :/ Anyway, using only a minimum of Windows Updates, IE7, DX9, WMP11 and some other system-near stuff, it worked fine. Thanks, I already am including Kels runtimes (along with all hos other **** fine addons ), however, quite at the start and not the end of my long list. I will try moving it to the very last position and see how that turns out, then. The strange thing is, even overwriting the DLL with the one from my current installation (on which WMP11 works) did not cure this. I already figured it must be one of the addons which overwrites it, though. I'll keep you all updated on hos that turns out for me
  21. Helmi


    No, not yet. I haven't come as far as testing it because I had to deal with a nasty dbghelp.dll (anyone ever heared of that?) in conjunction with a WMP11 addon first (which meant minimum addon integration in order to troubleshoot the problem). It didn't occur on my latest ISO last night so maybe I will do a full one (incl. WA) tonight. Once I know you can switch it back to English I will tell you here And yes, I know what that is like. I am currently trying to get as much of my stuff to German (most addons are multiligual already so you only have to switch in settings). Either that or I am moving to an English copy of XP (anyone got a cheap one to sell? ). This mixed-language stuff isn't that nice, IMO. (and, as you may have figured already, it's not because I couldn't speak English , but I like stuff in order and sharing a similar appearance)
  22. The reason I'm asking is because as of late, I seem to be unable to DL from Rapidshare with either one. No idea why and I don't think I am doing anything wrong (it worked before and it's not rocket science...). Well, as long as you do not mind clicking on several buttons on your way to the DL, enter a capcha code and wait several seconds for the DL link to finally appear, there's certainly no need for it... /sarcasm If you've ever tried to download (that's what the tools are for, not uploading!) more than one file off these "one-click" (haha, what a joke!) hosters, then you will appreciate them. While it does not circumvent the forced waiting time between DLs (at least for RS), it certainly does make using these darn hosts a bit more convenient.
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