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  1. WinXP like (my fav) Network Connections = ncpa.cpl
  2. thnx 4 u r replies my toolbar is not on the taskbar i draged it outside............ i would like to change the color over there.
  3. hmmm by googling :icon_cool: i got to this may be useful until site is back http://www.scribd.com/doc/17471845/FireGeier-Unattended-Vista-Guide2
  4. Nope it's white by default i would like to change it to blue
  5. Hi :wub_anim: i would like to know how to change the color of the toolbar's in winXP coz i hate the dumb color of it by default my toolbar
  6. can use Gimp simillar to adobe photoshop but free :thumbsup_anim: here is the template u need external link
  7. thanx 4 reply used trial version of resource tuner and it worked
  8. bir ton 4 dan bu tutorial :thumbsup_anim: *sorry if it misspelt used google translator (thanx a ton 4 that tutorial)
  9. With the leak of OEM documents, more information on Touch Pack for Windows 7 is also known. Microsoft Touch Pack will be available Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, and Home Premium operating system. Touch Pack will be preinstalled on OEM machines and are not intended for end-user installations. If this statement stays true, it means that Microsoft won’t provide standalone downloadable setup installer or update package via Windows Update (WU) to deliver Touch Pack for supported Windows 7 editions. So, consumers should make sure Touch Pack is installed and available before ordering a branded computer with capability.
  10. :wub_anim: thanx alot for your support hmmm to open that file.dat in that Mplayer the working commmand is else just player is opened nothing happens
  11. :albert: after seeing some .reg files in my registry i made some thing like this with that i was able to open my .abc with mplayer by default :dancing: my questions are: 1.Is it right or need to change the code 2.what if i need to associate the app with .dat,.vob,.mp4 .....etc create a reg file for all the types
  12. thanx alot 4 ur support :)

  13. Thanx for reply the program i use is an
  14. Thnax alot 4 ur support
  15. Thanx for Reply :wub_anim:
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