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  1. I think i have found a bug in this alpha version in windows toolkit addon section as soon as you will add the addons more than five or Six addons it will quit the application. It would be great if we can add Task Manager, Remove Programs & Features in Context menus as i use most of the time
  2. While testing my custom windows 7 Sp1 i got the error "Some components couldn't be configured" if i continue further it show set up cannot be installed try restarting and then it automatically goes for restarting and afterwards it showed As your computer was shutdown unexpectedly try restarting the computer to install further and from the same error continues , i have removed only local themes, tv tuners cards drivers, some addons by reapers and silent installer with valid switches. I am also integrating ati display driver by showing the Inf folder. What am i doing wrong
  3. Kindly guide me on this also can we select the default theme in W7 Toolkit.
  4. thanks 4 such a nice tool but why dont you change the Gui like Rt 7lite (a scrap) or vlite, Gui is much easier, can we get the offline guide in pdf format
  5. So will there be new release for this and when we can expect this
  6. I didn,t undestand actually i have modified my imageres.dll, explorer.exe and Shell32.dll both 4 32 bit and 64 bit for 32 bit i understant we have to select system32 option but for syswow64 how we can replace and wont it will say unable to replace the system files or any error while replacing and does i have to add command to copy the files with admin rights. Kindly guide me properly
  7. what to choose if we want to copy the files or folders in syswow64 folder
  8. View New Content is not working for me
  9. How to remove other languages
  10. It would be great if Toolkit supports the System files replacement with the modified one
  11. Can anyone make a addon of bitdefender TotalSecurity 2012. I love it its very fast. http://download.bitdefender.com/windows/desktop/t_security/2012/en-us/bitdefender_ts_2012_64b.exe
  12. Yesterday Bitdefender released Bitdefender Total Security 2012, I just installed it and was suprised as it installed in few mins, nice interface, very light as of now so just wanted to know the silent command switches or it would be great if someone can make a Addon of it. My another request if of silent switch for Windows 7 Manager 2.1.7 Edit:- Got the switch for Windows 7 Manager Thanks in Advance.
  13. This poll results clearly indicates that most of them wants separate cmd tool for addons. So are you goint to provide us that??.
  14. @ minikant = WTF where you thinking? We DO NOT help with warez here!!! From Kelsenellenelvian...
  15. Hi Rhor i wanted to add you as a friend.

  16. Are we paying for False Positive, All antivirus are giving
  17. Thanks to Microsoft for this really it's very much impressive a very small setup+easy interface+Nice look+ As soon as i installed and updated it showed some threats on my pc, I was shocked as i was using Eset Smart Security and that file is showing safe by Eset and i was sure it was a threat but thanks to Microsoft Security Essential it cleaned up that threat. But does it mean that eset is not working because it showed clean file ????. To Which Antivirus we should beleive, Same is it with Quick heal i tried to scan one usb by Quick heal it showed some threats and same usb i scanned by Eset it showed no virus or any threat. Everybody speaks Eset is best but how can i believe it after this all happened to me.
  18. Is it because of Eset Antivirus or something else is creating this problem.If yes than which antivirus is better than that.
  19. Latest Eset SmartSecurity Home Edition.
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