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  1. A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in our country.


    Well, there's a very simple answer.


    Nobody bothered to check the oil.


    We just didn't know we were getting low.


    The reason for that is purely geographical.


    Our OIL is located in :






    Coastal Florida


    Coastal Louisiana














    Our dipsticks are located in DC

    Any Questions? NO?...Didn't think So.

  2. I had a look at flp at work and it seems nice. I downloaded a tool for unattended answer file from MS, can I add more to it? It seems that flp in in a strange format and nlite will not work on it. Is there a way to mod it to make it smaller and more secure?

  3. I only came back on the site today, and it's sad to read something like this.

    Do, or not do ...

    in both cases it could end with good or bad consequences.

    the problem is that you can't know before you make your choice or action.

    I don't think that your father don't help your mother hoping that something bad will happen to her.

    now knowing the result, I think your father would help your mother if he could go back in time.

    I'm deeply sorry for what is happening to all of you, and hope that your mother will get better!

    You are right. Me and dad need each other now to make mom stronger.

  4. My mom is in the hospital. All her life she has done nothing mean or bad to anyone. She is in the hospital from several bouts with cancer the first one in 1974. Each bout with cancer left her battered and weakened. In the early days of fighting cancer doctors wernt sure how much radiation is needed to kill cancer without damaging healthy cells.

    It saved her life but slowly over the years it was killing nerve cells starting in her legs and moving up. Moms spirit was strong even though her body was getting weaker.

    3 years ago she fell and broke her hip, this took quite a toll on her and she had to stop working. I kept her spirits up by taking her places and was working well.

    In september mom broke her ankle. She went through surgery and rehab and was home in november. She was so happy to be home. My mom and dad has been married ror 52 years and my dad is in good health.

    Mom wanted to get some christmas decorations out of the closet and asked my dad to help her, he refused. She decided to get them herself. She fell and broke her leg (she is very fragile). She had surgery and was very hard on her.

    I went to visit her yesterday in the hospital (everyday in fact) she said she felt tired and ill.

    Eayly this morning dad called and said mom was in CCU. She had a ventalator, feeding tube and all kinds of IV's to get her blood pressure up and stable.

    I am kind of mad. If dad would have got off his ass and help mom with decorations she wouldnt be in the shape she is in now. I love my dad but I am mad. I know it is wrong to resent him for this. And mom told me not to hold it against him when I talked to her yesterday. How can I get over this?

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