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  1. 6 new colors for XPtsp like bootscreens XPtsp like Bootscreens [link]
  2. Hey Beats, welkom op het Dutch Wincert forum bedankt voor je bijdrage!
  3. hmmm, that's a IE resource i think.. I'll take a look at it well go for it! if u got the time... lol ill take a look at all the pack's after a major LBS-Patcher update were working on. might take a few weeks though..
  4. if u like u can just post what u want in the pack and ill add it np... (green bars?)
  5. Very nice! Thanks.. :thumbsup_anim:
  6. got any problems with this one? and what theme would the new version have? lol.
  7. i tried in IE8 and indeed its a nogo btw forum looks slightly bigger in IE8 edit: in this topic i also cant :confused02: .. only in parts of the forum were i can mod i can use the full editor.. hmmm sorry
  8. i noticed that when u turn off the RTE editor in "my setting" on the forum it does work got old style posting code ([url= etc) back that way as well
  9. try it like this.. DEL /F /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\users\Public\Desktop\QuickTime Player.lnk" edit.. ok
  10. MediaPlayer 11 remover Updated naar versie 2.2.7
  11. MediaPlayer 11 remover Updated naar versie 2.2.6
  12. that's strange... they should be in there . i checked it on an original xp pro cd.
  13. hartstikke bedankt Stefhan!! :thumbsup_anim:
  14. hi, they are in the I386 folder.. named : CROSS.CU_ , HAND.AN_ etc. these files are cabbed
  15. Live Bootscreen Patcher updated to version 2.4 :doh: Changelog: ~v2.4 Updated the uninstaller New setup installer (inno setup) Added checks for kernel Update's or Downgrades (to make a new backup)
  16. Live Bootscreen Patcher updated to version 2.3 Changelog: ~v2.3 Fixed bootscreen fade-in at XP start Major patching speedup added a button to check for update/bootscreens (navigates to the default browser) repairs a small bug from v2.2 minor script fixes and updates
  17. yeah the first 2 colors in the pallet need to be dark.... first color need to be "00 00 00" and the second color need to be "15 1A 20" the rest doesn't matter... u can arrange your pallet with gimp.. (with our lbs patcher v2.2 u can patch your kernels in a XP-CD source folder after u made the bitmaps)
  18. Live Bootscreen Patcher updated to version 2.2 Changelog: - The ability to patch your kernel in a XP-CD Source with a custom bootscreen - Added some skins - Some minor error fixes
  19. i got a copy here... it will work till the end of may 2010. Free Windows Se7en till may 2010
  20. Fixit

    Viso Live NLD 2.7

    VISO Live by Amnesia: "VISO Live" is bedoeld om op een live systeem uitgevoerd te worden (Bijvoorbeeld na een Windows Update). "Viso Live" gebruiken: Pak "XPtsp_NLD_*.exe" uit in een nieuwe map, voeg de batches van "VISO.Live.*.rar" toe, en start "1Copy.bat". Na het patchen zal het systeem herstarten... VISO Live 2.7 NLD! MD5: 1c86e7efacdee404a5410f85b281c6dd Size: 12,8kb Download: 1.start pc in safe mode ( F8 ) (en schakel WFP uit met de WFP Switcher van Anir) 2.herstart pc en boot weer in safe mode ( F8 ) en run VISO Live 1copy batch met het gewenste pack. *het thema word niet vervangen Tnx to Amnesia for letting me edit the batches for more nld compatibility!!
  21. 0.9.b7:purple last updated 27-1-09 XPtsp_Purple_NLD_0.9b7.exe MD5: C585D6FB879CB4FAF494000E9BE354E5 Grootte: 46,1 MB Download: Extra opties: notheme (Om het thema niet te laten vervangen) nobootscr (Om het bootscreen totaal over te laten slaan) Extra thanx for help: Kirs and Bober For purple taskmanager: Bober and Dougiefresh
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