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  1. Welcome to the forum Xyborg Shy
  2. Try getting Reshack and see if its in any of the strings.
  3. Do you want to change the font, the font size or something else?
  4. VastoLorde's took my vote, heheh sexy beach
  5. The one when you are booting up to Windows, right after the boot screen. You get the Windows logo Orb that is glowing. Hope that helps you windowsguy Arnab, cool tutorial man, I will probably try this sometime this weekend.
  6. Holy crap, and I'm worried about not wearing my helmet
  7. Hey N1k, hope this can be of some help. http://www.opendrivers.com/driver/212123/n...e-download.html
  8. You missed the part where I said I was joking lol
  9. That's no reason to not check the forums. :lol: (I'm joking, don't kill me ) I want one of these now too lol
  10. Updated here again, I now have 3484 songs. 17.30Gb.
  11. You used it on Vista. This reg tweak is for XP only right now. I haven't had the time to try and make it work for Vista, but maybe theres someone who can convert it to Vista for you. :tumbleweed:
  12. Get Virtual PC, and install a copy of XP inside it and test out the pack. It's the safest way to test it (other than loading it up on a fresh install of XP on your computer).
  13. It wasn't exactly necessary to post all those pictures :lol: Theres a much easier way, goto a command prompt and browse to your music folder (root of it) and type the following command: tree >x:\filename.txt Where x:\filename.txt is the complete path to the text file you wish to make. Theres some cleanup in the text file, but its easily fixed with the search + replace command And I just checked my music, now I'm at 3305 songs, 16gb (Did some cleaning up, and re-coding of audio cds)
  14. I think I may go with the Intel Dual Core 925. 3.0ghz, 4Mb Cache with 800Mhz FSB. http://www.intel.com/products/processor/pentium_D/index.htm It's only 95 bucks, so it brings the total to $226, which, 26 bucks I can afford.
  15. Not meant to be a powerhouse, just to run Vista. My laptop is basically the same configuration really. Plus, I don't want to spend more than $200. Heres the website to build the system: http://www.yesplay.com/storeonlinequote.as...&hCPU=INTEL
  16. Well guys, I think I may be building myself a new system in the near future. Just want something to run Windows Vista at a reasonable speed (anything as fast, or faster than my laptop is great) and I have decided on these following parts: I know the CPU isn't anything much, but I have been more than happy with the processor in my laptop, so I think a CPU that is about 1Ghz faster, but just less the cache will still be OK. Let me know what you guys think
  17. What compression method are you using on the RAR file? ie) Maximum, fast, store, etc.
  18. If you can wait until the weekend, I can get them back up. Work lately leaves me no time in the evenings other than to get ready to do it all over again the next day :lol: Anyway, I'll try to get them up on the weekend. I got a lot of stuff to do over the next couple of days. Sorry for the links being down, my account must have been deleted because of lack of hits or something. Look at the date I last posted in this thread:
  19. Took the quiz again and... :lol:
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