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  1. Do you need toolbar pictures (icons)? :g:
  2. Hi guys Coming the first beta today or tomorrow. Maybe today
  3. Not exactly:unsure: The colour is not the same. But thanks to try. Btw: I have found something.But the the download is very slow. I hope this will be:D
  4. Here is an msgina.dll style: Unfortunately removed from deviantart.:confused02: So if anybody have got please post me. Thank you
  5. The download link is already deleted and I apologise to everybody.
  6. Hi I think there is a problem with connect to icon. That's why I want to change this icon but always was the same. Here is a preview: Netshell.dll.res from Xptsp: And after install the OS in system32 folder(Netshell.dll) So I think need to add a 0 icon group (in netshell.dll)
  7. Hi I've just one issue. I like the RTM theme very much. But Is there a way to look like vista start menu? Because seven theme not show start menu icons for example:(connect to ,my documents,control panel etc.)
  8. Hi guys This will be the setup screen with some glass effect:
  9. I'm redesigned the security warning and regional options. What is your opinion :questionmark:
  10. Thank you :thumbsup_anim: It was very fast :w00t: I like this program very much.
  11. HI Mauser You are welcome. And your first question:Task manager is contain Applications,Processes and Users(so 3 Bmp) And second:I saw your task manager and I must say It's a good idea If you have got any good idea I'm waiting for pleasure.
  12. Hi guys I thought to make another task manager bmp here is the sample: I hope you like it
  13. I hate one thing in Firefox Advertisement not blocking automatic. And Explorer 8 is blocking automatic. So that's why I vote Explorer 8 But I'm using now Firefox And one more thing :Explorer 8 is much better than the previous versions of explorer.
  14. It's a good question :g: I don't know I like the red colour but I think need more opinion. SO my suggestion is YES
  15. The New Blue Arrow Progress Bar is a good idea.
  16. Great work :icon_cool: I'm waiting for your all avi's work and use it to XPtsp Neon Blue.
  17. Hi guys I see the vote and the winner is clear.So I think the vote is finished.And I already made the bitmaps. Still waiting for some update(bootscreen) and there are some problem with the logonui again. :confused02: Sorry to not realised yet. Till then here is another preview start menu: This is another start menu:
  18. This is very good :thumbsup_anim: great job :icon_cool:
  19. I think the aurora version is the best(just my opinion) :thumbsup_anim:
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