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  1. thank you for the confirmation and the correction of my version, it is indeed a Windows 10 (consumer editions), version 20H2 (updated Nov 2020) I just checked the x86 version and it matches the hash, so my x64 ISO is corrupted but using the Windows ISO Downloader. I'm going to download the x64, as I did with the x86 version and use FDM.
  2. Hello I'm digging up the subject a bit because I think that the archives on my.visualstudio.com are not up to date or my iso is corrupted. I have downloaded with Windows iso Downloader "Win10_20H2_v2_French_x64.iso" are md5, sha1 or other is not recognized in the tool. I can't find it either on https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump.php is it me who is wrong? my hash is :
  3. Hello have you tried to repair it by using the DISM commands? Analyze the Windows 10 image with DISM Open a command prompt as an administrator. Analyze the Windows 10 image to determine if it is damaged or not: This operation may take several minutes. You will get one of the following results: "No damage to the component store has been detected" it's perfect, the Windows 10 image is intact! You can run the command : but at first sight it is not your case you probably have the message: this indicates that the image of Windows 10 is damaged. So you have to check if the image of Windows 10 is intact, repairable or not repairable: If the image of Windows 10 is damaged but repairable Repair the Windows 10 system image: If everything goes well, you should get the message the Windows 10 image has been repaired successfully! if you get an error message: you have to repair it with the ISO of the version of your current Windows, but before, make sure to check the hash of your iso to avoid a corrupted win. once done, mount the iso with daemontool or with windows explorer. To repair the image of Windows 10 by specifying as source the installation file located in the ISO Either you have an install.wim file so: Or you have an install.esd file: Replace X by the drive letter associated with the ISO image and N by the index of the Windows 10 edition to be repaired. Detail of indexes and editions of Windows 10 The install.wim/install.esd file may contain several editions of Windows 10, identified by indexes: You can find all the available indexes in the file install.wim/install.esd with the command : To get more information about an index : Now run the command again the System File Checker tool should successfully run and repair any errors.
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