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  1. If you want to test it. I released my Update Installer for .net 4.5 today. .NETFRAMEWORK 4.5 Update Pack Installer JUNE 2013 Prerequisite: .NETFRAMEWORK 4.5 RTM Note: On Vista, Windows 7 systems right-click and run the setup as administrator! Do not use it for Windows 8! All available updates and hotfixes are included. This installer is for both of x86 and x64 systems This installer must be run as Administrator on Vista and Windows 7 systems. The updates will be installed within a few seconds... The following updates for x86 and x64 are included so far: KB2737083 KB2742613 KB2756203 KB2803754 KB2805221 KB2805226 KB2828841 KB2848798 Silent install command: /VERYSILENT /NORESTART Download Update Pack for x86 and x64 systems File: NET45UP-2013.06.20.exe CRC-32: 06cec2a5 MD4: 388271faca7701be754d842de75f2a3c MD5: 542f2592f6eb14ab5c047bc7d8a2a7d6 SHA-1: 41d9c52ab63faef51fbfe4c9bf067d1da123dfd6
  2. The WU_Satisfy folder will be seen by WinToolkit soon. The changelog can be accessed by everybody. x86: http://hotfix2.cesidian.info/x86/UpdateChangelog.txt x64: http://hotfix2.cesidian.info/x64/UpdateChangelog.txt ----------------------------------------------------------------------- .net45 can be accessed by everybody: http://net45.cesidian.info ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Win8 updates will be uploaded by PointZero soon. You have to be a little patient. One step after another...
  3. lego, I sent you a very important message, please read it. Thanks
  4. You don't need the network inspection system definitions. Those won't get installed on a Win 7 system. Trust me...
  5. That would be awesome. Thanks a lot for your efforts. I'm a wait for your next version.
  6. Rick, is the language selected automatically? For example if my system was English and I want MSE in German, it would obviously install the English version, right. If that would be true, could you make it possible to make a switch for selecting one's own language?
  7. You may also download it here: http://net45.cesidian.info/ Read the Changelog.txt to download the correct version.
  8. I'm planning to do that. But at the moment I am very, very busy. Also, what about office 2013 updates in wintoolkit?
  9. Rick, upload it to your new space, please. I hate all this other stuff. thanks.
  10. I know, but tested it before I decided to add it to the repo. When installing manually IE10 downloads and installs these prerequisites and is also recommended by Microsoft. It's better to be on the safe side.
  11. Added all necessary prerequisites for IE 10 to the repo. There are some more: KB2670838, KB2726535 and KB2729094-v2. Cheers
  12. I did not remove the security. I am Admin of about 25 servers. I was just reconfiguring some code. That's it. The server is secure. That's what counts.
  13. The server should be available for everybody since yesterday. If the server is not available, it is under heavy ddos attacks. Some people in the internet want that server to be down, for good. However everything should work properly, for everybody.
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