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  1. Allright gentlemen. I don't use WinToolkt regularly. I never used winToolkit 1.4.xx The last week, i wanted to make a win7 build, so i checked the posts here, and and i saw latest version had bugs. So i used 1.30.1202rc and everything went fine. Thank you for making and sharing this cool application by the way ! I just wanted to share the infos, and for others users, i think it is better to having a download link here, than downloading it somewhere else on the Web,..(just type win toolkt or windows 7 toolkit in google and you'll see)
  2. Wow! Seriously ? Some users don't want to beta-test your program, they just want to use it.... I just wanted to help others, as we know 1.4.x branch have some bugs... Newer is not always better,your program is in beta test, so which version do you recommend to use ? Obviously it is the latest one, as you don't keep previous versions... But if the latest is broken ? Wasting several hours building image to find it is broken is not very pleasant. if the latest build is working, then great, my (now removed) link is actually pointless, but i'm disappointed of the reactions here.
  3. If someone wants version 1.30.102RC, here is a link:
  4. I still use this version also, untill v1.4 is bug free.
  5. Hi Legolash2o, I have a question: what do the tweak "disable IPV6" do exactly ? Because i have used it on my installation, and now my firewall (Outpost) keep asking me for tcpv6 connections on boot by "System" and it's the first time it did that.
  6. In XP, you must install 2.0 first to install 3.5, and 3.5 first before installing .4.0, so i don't think .net 4.0 will work if you remove the former.
  7. disagree, tooltips can be sen on hover unlike the right pane which need a click.
  8. It is during install of course. If i use imageX, to merge the images like this: The names are in french during installation despite the fact i use english names to merge them.
  9. Hi Legolash2o I have created an all in one disk (x86 and x64 with all edition except enterprises ones) with updates and addons integrated. All is working well except that edition names are still in English, can you fix this for the next version please.
  10. PerfectDisk is very good but not free. Used v9 and v10. Defraggler is very slow, Auslogics, the one i use now, is fast but don't have all the features of PerfectDisk like offline defrag and unattended (automatic) defrag.
  11. Sorry, i will edit my post to remove the quote. Can you be more explicit ?
  12. Had the same message with x64 integration. No message on x86. Legolash2o, have you seen my message in the request subforum ? Translated names of Win7 edition You don't need to add the correct names for each languages, just to keep them instead of using the default enflish ones.
  13. Hi Legolash2o, First, thanks for your tools! I'm new to Win7 Toolkit, but i already have a request/suggestion: Can you add/keep the correct foreign names of the different Win7 edition ? I explain: i have made a Aio (x86/x64) DVD, and all the names are in English (my Win7 is in French) I had followed this tuto earlier: http://forums.overcl....php?t=18040679 and all edition had the name in French. Because an image is better than words, here what i mean: W7T behavior: Expected behavior: Regards.
  14. Hi mona, First, thank you for your contribution, personaly i don't like this layout, but it's a matter of choice. About your reg files: addressbar disabled breadcrumbs, tolbar does the job, but restore disabled breadcrumbs again and broked autologon (i have to choose user despite the fact i have only admin account!) Glad i have tested it in VirtualBox. I really don't mind that you've added it to your pack, but next time, ask first by courtesy. kels and dougie: thank you for defending my (our) work Regards.
  15. I confirm, even if you click cancel you will have an another instance created.
  16. maj des utilitaires dans leur dernière version. Vous pouvez installer par dessus pour maj.
  17. You're welcome, thanks for the compliment Unrelated: do you have see my comment on DSI topic ?
  18. I have also updated the non-uninstallable version, now the inf and pnf files are deleted on reboot and sysoc.inf is cleaned after install. The install is flawless now. MD5: cd248071b17de01200bc1e7fa8b94980 QT AddressBar_inf_AddOn_v1.2.rar
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