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  1. AxCrypt 1.7.1813.0 Alpha x64. Screenshot: you can encrypt anything i repeat anything with this. Program Name: Axcrypt Encrypter Author: Sumon Datta[bangladesh] Version: 1.7.1813.0 Alpha x64 Download Link:Mediafire Download MD5: F9697FE5CF7C2DBF170E36F4909DC095 Size: 1.39MB No Changelog:[Original] It is my first addon posting here.Please forgive me if i have done something wrong.
  2. Can anyone tell me what is the switch to install NOKIA OVI suite silently? :confused02:
  3. http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/news.html this one. Nlite integration was easy. but i would like to have it for Wndows 7 addons.
  4. Can i have an addon of ''MPLAYER''.?
  5. I have been facing problems in mounting install.WIM file. says Memory corrupt error. please help.
  6. heey guys can ya say that how i will use WPI in WIndows 7 DVD? i mean in detail please. tell me the way in detail. :confused02: i am a noob :crying_anim02:
  7. thank u mona. look at my prevous request topic please. i have committed my problems there. my topic
  8. I saw this. thank u. but i saw the shell dll is 2600 build and i mentioned that my windows is build 3790 that is x64 edition. now say would i be able to get the themes working on my computer.
  9. how to add theme in Win XP 64 bit edition? :crying_anim02: i can just install signed themes. please i need to know. and my build is 3790 and using Sp2 of x64 please tell me i am a noob in this. :confused02:
  10. Fraps 2.9.8 Registered Addon created by Sumon and registered by Travis Forehand. LINK REMOVED MD5-1FCA6F8DDC23C8B93D2BEE62A4FDE6FC Size-1.21MB Website- www.fraps.com No Changelog It's the Original Version.
  11. thanks mate. i saw that qn and norestart switch doesn't work in Svpack mode. anyway i will do whatever you say.
  12. hey mates, i need to know what switch would be right for WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER that is a .msi file. and also if u give an example of Entries INI it would be greatly appretiated. :help:
  13. Thanks mate. specially Vista to XP cat was very good. Thanks--- Sumon
  14. OK. the addons on x64 are same as x86. now please give me an example. :crying_anim02: OK i am giving an example. please tell me if this works :crying_anim02: here it goes the Entries. yes i want to use SVCPACK addons. [general] builddate=26/06/2009 description=Some Vista Wallpapers language=English version=1.00 website=http://Sumon.hangout.com/ [EditFile] I386\SVCPACK.INF,SetupHotfixesToRun,AddProgram [AddProgram] Wallpapers.exe /S and about the file in SVCPACK i used Winrar and given customized location---C:\Windows\Web\ and now please say will this work? :confused02:
  15. I am facing some problems in nlite addons. (XP) will anyone give me a 8.cab or 8.7z sample of wallpaper addon for nLite..will anyone? and also i want to add some musics in default music library in XP. anyway I am using XP 64 bit version update April 2009. Please help me :crying_anim02:
  16. Mate please add Vista RTM Boot screen.:)will you? cheers and thanks from- Sumon.
  17. The wallpapers are great. thanks mate. cheers and thanks, Sumon
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