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  1. Do x64 users need to install the x86 as well? Or just the x64? Sorry if it seems obvious but I seem to recall some x64 progs still use x86 runtimes?
  2. The WPIW button calls a link that doesnt exist http://www.wpiw.net/home.html and should be http://www.wpiw.net/index.html
  3. Could this be updated please to (current version)? Thanks.
  4. You might not be aware that the program hasnt been updated in 2 years or more (author explained why) but its still a darn useful program. Only posted in case someone had the addon and could repost it...
  5. Will the new Adobe Flash beta that has GPU acceleration be included or only when it's no longer a beta?
  6. Is it safe to run multiple nLites on a source? I have had lots of problems recently trying to build unattended disks. If I use nLite and OP pack I get many problems - failed integration perhaps - and it doesnt like to boot. If I build in stages using RVMi for the initial integration with SP3 source and OP pack it works. But as soon as I ask nLite to remove any components the disk gets screwed. As I've used nLite for some years without issue I am rather puzzled. I don't know what is causing the problems but I wonder if 2.9 pack is significantly different from 2.8 ??
  7. Is this compatible with OnePiece's Post SP3 Pack? If so, whats the preferred order to do it all? Virgin SP3 OnePiece Pack Rick MCE or Virgin SP3 Rick MCE OnePiece Pack And can they be done in one sitting with nLite or RVMi or which? Thanks
  8. More than happy to see an installer without the Ask Toolbar but.... 1) Does this install the FoxitReaderOCX.ocx plugin for Firefox? 2) Does this associate PDF files with FoxIt? Thanks
  9. If even YOU recommend the .NET 3.5 SP1 addon it begs the obvious question why .NET (all versions or 3.5) in the OnePiece pack? I know you dont like to consider changes but it seems so obvious. The pack contains everything else!
  10. Might seem a dumb question but "Requires .NET Framework 1.1 sp1 and WMP10/11" Does that mean I just position it in my nLite Addon list AFTER the .Net ALl-in-One addon or must I integrate that and then in another session integrate this?
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