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  1. I got it for free through MSDNAA.
  2. I'm in Computer Engineering at the moment. I'm currently working (on a co-op term/internship) as a technical analyst/developer for an insurance company. No clue what I'm going to be doing when I graduate though. Computer engineers, software engineers, and computer scientists seem to be in high demand, I guess. Myself and one of my colleagues (also on a co-op term/internship) are among the highest paid students there this summer. :thumbsup_anim: Lots of programming work out there, but yeah, it is kind of hard finding a job. Before being placed, I applied to about 50 jobs and only got 5 interviews out of those applications (10 jobs got canceled). To compare, in my first semester, I applied to 30 jobs, and got 10 interviews.
  3. At work (I'm too lazy to do anything to my desktop).
  4. Not at all - just a line of code. Edited my post above - can you test it?
  5. I haven't updated it with the latest browser set. :doh: Now you're just making me do work... Edit: It's been fixed. Care to test it?
  6. Over the past couple of years or so, I've been scripting here and there. Since then, I've used and maintained two such scripts that have gained some popularity on other forums and sites I frequently visit. First off, I have my ever-so-popular "Jeremy Signature" that I use over at MSFN.org (it's a little too big to use here) based on the character over at Pure Pwnage. The actual one I use at the moment is a bit more customized than the one I have available for download, but it's not all that different (just a few different backgrounds): It's similar to the widely used Danasoft signatures that are out there, but integrates multiple dynamic backgrounds, customizable operating system and browser names, custom "quotes" or messages to display, and Hamachi web status (which I've also integrated into my signature here). Also note, the one that's available for download doesn't include the backgrounds with my picture. Another script that I'm fairly proud of is my Hamachi Online Status script. You basically tell it what Hamachi clients you want to monitor and it will sort them into a nice, organized list. Examples: http://www.zxian.org/ (At the top of his menu) http://www.mikesoares.com/status/?imgall Both scripts are available for download here.
  7. Turns out my old account was just renamed. Thanks to N1K for merging it with my new one!
  8. It's my "brand." Of course it's copyrighted. :dancing:
  9. Hey, are you guys getting Google Mafia spam here too?

  10. AFAIK, the official build isn't officially up for download anywhere yet...
  11. If you reformat and have no reinstalled an OS, you should be able to recover almost everything (though, I have had success in recovering 100% of data. If you reinstall the OS, you'll overwrite data already on the drive, so you won't be able to recover everything. Yup. You're welcome.
  12. As long as data on the drive is not overwritten (formatting the drive doesn't actually overwrite any data), pretty much everything can be recovered. @thealexweb: If you still haven't recovered your data, you should give PhotoRec a try; it's worked wonders for me before.
  13. I've been told by several colleagues and acquaintances that it will be going RTM this Friday (July 24). I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Edit: Now that I think of it... August 6th also seems plausible. But like I said, we'll have to wait and see.
  14. An old friend of mine is back! Welcome mate! Hopefully you'll visit Croatia some time, since I know you travel a lot, so we can have a beer or two :)

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