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  1. Sorry to bother you NIM,


    I have newest AVAST8 and KeyScrambler running.

    Tried again with both temporarily turned off; 

    but still same: I can edit and save changes in 

    my posts, but not in the titles (same for preview)


    If nobody else has the same problem, something 

    in my machine/setup must be causing this...


    At least the good is that I can post and edit; 

    will have to live with the titles for now.

  2. After having noticed several issues editing posts, such as:
    "you have no permissions", I always managed to work around.
    But this week I am unable to change the title with "full edit"
    Each time I am being logged out when trying to save changes. 
    I updated this post, but can't change the version in the title: 
    This is the message box appearing after each failed attempt:

    Sorry, you don't have permission for that!

    Your secure key, used to verify you are posting the topic, did not 
    match the one submitted. Please go back, reload the form, and try again


  3. This may better clarify the use of these VC++ Addons:


    #1: The Microsoft VC+AIO Runtimes 2.3 Addon 

    will install the C++ librairies as they are available

    on MS download center and MS update. (GDR stable)

    Includes versions VC2005SP1, VC2008SP1 and VC2010SP1.


    #2: The Microsoft VC+3IO Runtimes 2.9 Addon 

    will install the patched C++ librairies to adress 

    flaws in MS Visual Studio. (VS-QFE Hotfixes)


    #3: The Microsoft VC11++ Runtimes 2.7 addon

    will install the new VC11++ librairies to run 

    future applications developed with VS2012


    #4: The Microsoft Legacy VB+VC Rtn 2.1 AddOn 

    will install the older (pre 2005) VB+VC runtimes.


    In short: #1 is the minimum you should integrate;

    alternatively #2 may replace #1 (for Visual Studio).

    #3 and #4 are optional for future and old librairies.


    DO NOT integrate both #1 and #2
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