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  1. Do the local packs and XP mode have to be installed/integrated in a particular order (before/after the hotfixes)? Thanks
  2. +1 great idea, I would like to see this feature, too
  3. Hi Lego, I'd be interested in getting the 1.4 download link too as I am planning to make a new DVD with the patches coming next tuesday Rgds, ulysse
  4. OK thanks for your answers. Why does M$ make such a mess....??!!
  5. Hi, can I remove NET Framework 3.5.1 using W7T's Component Removal if I add this package to my DVD or is the old version still needed? I remember that NET Framework used not be cumulative, but maybe that has changed in the meanwhile?! Thanks and nice work ulysse
  6. Cool, that's first class support Thanks Lego and the others
  7. Does anybody know what this means?
  8. Cheers Lego That's the kind of answer I was waiting for ;-)
  9. Thanks for your reply. Although, I would actually prefer to use the standalone component remover as it allows you to delete additional stuff. Any advice on my initial question, please?!
  10. Hi all, I'm new to W7T and I would like to create an unattended multi-edition ISO with added hotfixes, drivers; tweaks and some components removed. I'm wondering how and when to remove components using the standalone (not AIO as it offers less choices) component remover....before or after running the All-In-One Tool? Also, when using the standalone component remover I cannot choose multiple editions simultaneously. Does this mean that I have to remove the components on all 4 editions separately (mount HomeBasic, HomePremium, Pro and Ultimate one after the other and remove stuff over and over again)? Thanks for your help ;-) ulysse
  11. Non c'è niente da fare...stesso risultato con RVMi Come detto, usando il slipstreamer di boooggy funziona...ma solo sé non tocco ai CAT files. Adesso provo sia con il tuo sia con quello di boooggy ritirando i CAT e disattivando la protezione di files (SFC) Ma poi dopo, baaasta...finito
  12. There must be a download problem on your side...I can download it myself.
  13. Yes, I already thought that a Runtimes pack would fix that error. Anyway, if these two lines + msvcr71.dll inside the addon fix it, I prefer that solution. [txtsetup_files] msvcr71.dll = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0 Thanks to DaRk MaDnEsS I have now translated the strings into French (all asms files were already swapped with those from the French msi installer package). http://www.mediafire.com/?dw4nlmzzzym I'll nLite a new image tonight....keep you updated Thanks again to all of you :thumbsup_anim:
  14. Thanks mate I have replaced all files inside your addon with the ones included in the French installer and I will try to integrate it into my next image... I'll keep in touch. Back as promised...it almost works, unless that an error message "msvcr71.dll not found" pops up when trying to start msmsgs.exe So I have copied that file from a stable Windows installation on another partition and then the programme started up correctly. Could you please tell me how to fix this? Actually, is your addon supposed to work correctly (you said that you stopped working on it)? Here is what I did so far http://www.mediafire.com/?yfydldycm52
  15. No, what I meant is that your above link points to a download page for a file called Ricks_KB285089-IRPStackSize.7z (nothing to do with Messenger)
  16. Thank you, but I think houve have uploaded the wrong file... Were you working on a SVC or True AddOn? What does this have to do with Tablet PC ?? Windows Messenger is present on all Windows XP editions...
  17. +1 for a Windows Messenger 5.1.0715 True Addon Windows Messenger is Windows' built-in Mini M$.NET Passport messenger client and is not directly related to Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger). Nevertheless, for some features such as Remote Assistance, WLM requires Windows Messenger to be installed.
  18. Eureka! :dribble: Mi sa che era tutto colpa mia...stavo usando WindowsXP-KB972260-x86-FRA.exe (per XP SP2) invece di IE8-WindowsXP-KB972260-x86-FRA.exe (per XP SP3). Faccio un altro CD e poi sarai il primo a sapere ;-) Grazie ancora EDIT : adesso funziona benissimo :thumbsup_anim:
  19. Ciao, si, ho risposto anche al post in inglese... ;-) Come detto, mi sembra che sia l'ultima versione del creator nel primo post (v2.0.0.9) Ho capito bene che dentro ieuinit.inf ci deve essere un riferimento a KB972260 ? Perché purtroppo non c'è...ti allego il file Poi, mi sono reso conto che il creator qua nella sezione italiana è del 29/07 e quello della sezione inglese è del 31/07 (anche il hash è diverso). Nonostante tutto, il file ieuinit.inf che mi produce è identico (hash identico) con entrambe le versioni del creator. Grazie e saluti, ulysse P.S.: E' ancora d'attualità il Cosmetic Problems AddOn per IE quando si usa il creator? ieuinit.txt
  20. First of all sorry, I posted that in Italian too. ;-) I have just downloaded the one from your first post here in this thread (says v2.0.0.9) and there is no KB972260 mentioned in ieuinit.inf Thanks, ulysse
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