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  1. Good explanation... When you said you got a good download (Windows 7 VM) is it from the main page or from the testing page? In my case unfortunately doesn't work that way, I have 7 computers ranging from Windows Vista to Windows 8.x plus VMware Workstation 10 in each one of them and I have tried in all with no difference whatsoever. What amazes me most is that it never happened before, it just started (I don't recall exactly) around 4 or 5 version ago but I never posted about it because I thought it will go away eventually but it didn't.
  2. Trying to solve problems!

  3. I finally managed to finish the download from MEGA and the MD5 did match this time. Thank you for your support :prop:
  4. Yes! I am trying to download it from MEGA right now but for a reason I don't know why it stops at 50%.
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