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  1. Hey Clark, You are right about that, I just tried on the main page and the download/extraction was perfect no problems at all. I guess the site was the culprit after all and the move correct the problem. But we are good now and I hope it stays. Au revoir! :welcome: Jay
  2. Good explanation... When you said you got a good download (Windows 7 VM) is it from the main page or from the testing page? In my case unfortunately doesn't work that way, I have 7 computers ranging from Windows Vista to Windows 8.x plus VMware Workstation 10 in each one of them and I have tried in all with no difference whatsoever. What amazes me most is that it never happened before, it just started (I don't recall exactly) around 4 or 5 version ago but I never posted about it because I thought it will go away eventually but it didn't.
  3. I do not think that it has to do with our computer... I just tried again and still the same problem. All downloads from another link like the one above by Legolash2o works just fine so, there must be something on the original link.
  4. I still cannot unpack it... Again I have tried it on all my computers with different OS, different browsers and different tools (Winrar, 7Zip) and no joy.
  5. Trying to solve problems!

  6. @Thiersee, Good for you! I hope that my problem "What that may be" goes away because I do not want to have it every time. Well... I never had this problem before at all and I have been downloading it since the beginning of it. Thanks
  7. You may right about internet connection but sounds like there is something else too because from the above link it worked perfectly. Thank you again! :dancing:
  8. @Legolash2o Sorry for the trouble... To make sure I just downloaded it on another computer using IE11 instead of Chrome but the results still the same it won't extract and the CRC32, MD5, SHA-1 are the same as before. Thanks
  9. I just tried to extract the new one and I have the same problem as before, below is the file information. WinToolkit_1.5.2.14_Portable [3.42MB] CRC32: 40BE07CFMD5: 9696A90C4E8C78675045A7DD453CB863SHA-1: 2F6BE6A6EE555131B11E93447548DE1FADF278CB Thanks
  10. This one extracted! We are good now. Thank you
  11. Well, that's interesting because I have tried on 3 different computers (all has Winrar 5.11 and 7Zip 9.20) and the result is the same.
  12. Won't extract! See attached image. Thank you for your great work!
  13. I finally managed to finish the download from MEGA and the MD5 did match this time. Thank you for your support :prop:
  14. Yes! I am trying to download it from MEGA right now but for a reason I don't know why it stops at 50%.
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