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  1. There waren't mounted images, that is the strange problem. And anyway WinToolkit reports when there is a mounted / broken image ready for un-mounting. That's wasn't the case...
  2. Windows Dancer ported back from Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005! Scooby Doo bonus dancer is also included. The main package is based on Win-PowerToy's repack. I've made also all Microsoft availiable dancers splitted in 3 different packs (Small, Medium, and Large versions). For those which don't want whole Dancer Package - Windows Dancer Downloader is included in Main package. D O W N L O A D S 1. Windows Dancer (Main package) SHA1: 88a8943f4da0b75d0f1bcff3722300f1530b50a1 2. Small Dancers for Windows Dancer (Optimal) SHA1: 97a3ce9ed128ddd34ae511cdcf0857655303c5ad 3. Medium Dancers for Windows Dancer (Optimal) SHA1: 7ee31b5c5dda691c4f21d3bbdc740970013befc7 4. Large Dancers for Windows Dancer (Optimal) *Scooby Doo is included only in Large Dancers SHA1: b6813caa5e7364ca985aa8d31734b35abef89c19 OS Supported: Vista, 7, 8.x (works on client-beta builds too, Servers are not tested yet.); Architecture: Dual (32/64-bit).
  3. Before one week from now I had big problem with WinToolkit. After closing from taskmanager it didn't want to run again at all. I've tried to clean everything with CCleaner, all know mount locations and nothing, to move the exe on other location, to run another old version and nothing. When I double click on the exe I get just "Cannot start / problem /error / whatever I didn't remember now", without showing interface of the program at all, some typical windows error but the problem was instalntly solved when I run RT 7 Lite. I want to try RT 7 Lite to remove some components, but next moment I've realase that this components can be removed only by WinToolkit, and I run again WinToolkit and NOW the program RUN without any error except that is not recommended to be used in same time with RT 7 Lite. However in that time I've close th RT 7 Lite and start again only WinToolkit and everything was just fine. Now I'm suspect on some exiting-cleaning problem but I think that is not related with any un-mounted image, because when problems come out I haven't that type of issues.
  4. XML Notepad 2007 provides a simple intuitive user interface for browsing and editing XML documents. This program is very useful and free solution because the old Word 2000 is the only program you can edit the "*.xml" files. Internet Explorer only allows you to view the files, and notepad and wordpad will save the .xml as a text file. Direct 'Double-click' and native 'Right-click' open support for XML: XML Notepad: window Download 32-bit Size=819 KB | SHA1: dc955e787f1e753b8831bc99ceb8be0948b70cc1 Download 64-bit Size=819 KB | SHA1: e627b7f71cd44a0d772555b54d6f80241612a5c2 Homepage
  5. I can't, because out there only English version from Windows 7 build 6519 is available.
  6. Comes in 2 versions: 1.) Windows 7 Milestone 1 build 6519*; Download 32-bit Size=422 KB | SHA1: f8bf37b4acab3ed2cb058c9dc2ac034a2a0c3a89 Download 64-bit Size=659 KB | SHA1: 998d21e344b2c550a440656d4ad384253597d6f2 (*Windows 7 RTM/Final is build 7600, after build 6519 in the development process of Windows 7, Calendar was removed by Microsoft.) 2.) Windows Vista SP2; Download 32-bit Size=421 KB | SHA1: c14d19addbf9ca40330c4650a3cb32c32ff5b81b Download 64-bit Size=661 KB | SHA1: 1b77f6da6bd6c33c09f206795cb789ec9b8d29c8 Both Vista's and 7's versions can be used on Windows 7 (and probably 8.x).
  7. Outlook Express, to put it mildly, is not the ideal mail client, but it was (and still is - for users of XP and earlier versions of Windows) popular due to ease of its using and because it is integrated into the operating system. We know that it has been replaced with Windows Mail in Vista, but this "new" mail client is not much different from OE on the interface and functionality. The buggy Vista had not have long life and finally gave way to Windows 7. It has been decided by Microsoft to deactivate WinMail and to promote Windows Live mailer instead. However Windows Live is also retired today... So with this addon you don't ADD Windows Mail, actually you will just Activate it / Enable it. This addon enable default Windows Mail without any Vista file: 1.) Download 32-bit :: needed file coming from Windows 7 Milestone 3 build 6730.1.winmain.080612-1840 Size=2.73 MB | SHA1: 71f0507f681f9c7b68b9dc1d6b6569c8b0b11c35 2.) Download 64-bit :: needed file coming from Windows 7 Milestone 1 build 6519.1.winmain.071220-1525 Size=3.55 MB SHA1: c305bcaee2806624294957778b1c246c293a2ab6 These Addons are only intended to be used for Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1, but not for Windows 8.x.
  8. @*Reaper*: Can you make updated addon (ver.2.0.2) of this software?
  9. I think Win7 image cannot be cleaned with this command.
  10. Notepad Glass also known as Notepad (Glass Edition). Doesn't work on Windows 8.x,.. still I didn't tray with AeroGlass from big muscule Download | Size=391 KB | Architecture=Dual (x86-x64) | SHA1: 1b3b51674f60b459a69811fd9117de557c127dfe This addon will create NotepadGlass.exe in System32, so didn't replace original notepad executable. Tip: If you want to find it fast in Start Menu, just type: gl
  11. I've made separated addons, from following Free Arcade Microsoft Games: Binaries are only 32-bit but can be installed on both x86 (32-bit) and x64-bit. 1.) Microsoft HyperBowl Plus! Edition (from Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP) (2004) Download | Architecture: Dual (x86/x64) | Size=17.0 MB | SHA1: f15269c0720fa7c0e4d0f6c5110754de0f3d6630 2.) Microsoft The Labyrinth Plus! Edition (from Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP) (2004) Download | Architecture: Dual (x86/x64) |Size=19.4 MB | SHA1: dbc9d3d6b050e3a84de877cb7e672e53d59f41af 3.) Microsoft Sudoku (2009) Download | Architecture: Dual (x86/x64) | Size=4.92 MB | SHA1: 5272a405a81954b90f3a331d77f087e4f571c1a0 4.) Microsoft Carioca Rummy (2006) Download | Architecture: Dual (x86/x64) | Size=1.31 MB | SHA1: 9260f78510e25ca7b29086342ff56eab1920c42b
  12. how to use variables in registry and that file to be workable in wintoolkit addon?
  13. 1.) Classic Microsoft Games for Embedded (Thin PC), and Windows 8.x 2.) Microsoft Games: 2nd Pack (HyperBowl, Labyrinth, Sudoku, Carioca Rummy) 4.) Windows Mail 5.) XML Notepad 2007 6.) Windows Dancer v5.1.2600.2580 7.) "XP", "Vista", "Win8: Beta Development" Themes for Windows 7 8.) 81DISM for Windows 7 (Win8.1's DISM for Win7) 9.) IOBit's Start Menu 8 v1.5
  14. What doe this have to do with this thread? Cheers and Regards It has with this: "Sorry folks, but I need my online storage for other projects." taken from the main post:
  15. Why that? Google Drive can give you file storage on different accounts, so online space it's not really a problem for anyone today. P.S. For example take an Adrive free account - will give you 50 GB online space, which I think i enough for all your WinToolkit addons. ,greets
  16. Hi there again, I want ISO Maker from Wintoolkit to be expanded with some Oscdimg settings. I want to be able to set time and date for iso releasing (for all included files in it). Except this maybe someother useful command included in this particular batch based executable. ,thanks in advance
  17. Hi there, While today I'm working on my little project to merge all 9600 builds (Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2) from 32-bit ISOs in one install.wim, and also the same goes for x64-bit, I've figured out that I need some new feature in Win Toolkit. We all know that Microsoft has make some of the editions hidden, or maybe it is better to say not directly available for installation from the official installation medias, like 'Professional with Media Center' (SKU: ProfessionalWMC). This can known via DISM command "/Get-TargetEditions" and can be set from DISM command "/Set-Edition", but honestly I want to be able to make this from inside from WinToolkit. I've imagine new feature which can "scan" the image and tell us if there are available editions for update into it, and choice menu to select one from the available choices. In client editions of Win 8.1 with Update Core can be u Professional and ProfessionalWMC SKUs and Professional can be only upgraded to ProfessionalWMC, till Windows Server I think in the past has multiple choice for two different SKUs. What you think about my idea?
  18. Hmm, very strange. I have look into it and I have tried some possibilities: 1. I have installed full version with all languages on my runing OS (also W7 x64); 2. I have installed final Italian (it-it) version from Nullsoft server - downloaded today (still available). 3. I have installed lite version with all languages on my runing OS; 4. I have searched on Internet and found pre-release build 5.66.3512 (by digital signature from 26.11.2013); 5. I have installed Italian localization from old version 5.65, and nothing of all of this getting Italian Menu-Title to work. How I see from the size of Winamp-it-it.wzl files from diferent builds/versions there are very big diferences. Winamp-it-it.wzl in old v5.65 is 1.52 MB Winamp-it-it.wzl in pre-release v5.66.3512 is 1.37 MB Winamp-it-it.wzl in final v5.666 is 1.25 MB I cannot get to work Itallian title menu on my system, if some one manage to fix this, or find already fixed Winamp-it-it.wzl, please share it with me, and I'll add fix to the MUI addons too. Access to Nullsoft server you have here. Edit: According to this site maybe official translators didn't translate the title menu at all.
  19. WinAMP - World's most popular music player! Version: - Final and very last build. Supported OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 /w Update 1. All Addons ware tested on all OSes on both 32 and 64-bit platforms. Short histroy: There was a Winamp 5.7 beta program for an invite-based Winamp Cloud feature with build number 5.7.3444 - this version was published after official relase of version 5.65 and before last version 5.666, also this beta version has been already expired. It is good for you to know that all impovments beside cloud feature ware included in last final/official 5.666 version of WinAMP. Addon versions: 8 ~ English-only Language section ~ Lite version based on: "winamp5666_lite_en-us.exe" 1. WinAMP (Lite Edition) + Modern skin support ENU (x86/32) Size=5.29 MB | Download | SHA1: 61e0e15336d8ceaa725f3dc7e61afa45f3f548d6 2. WinAMP (Lite Edition) + Modern skin support ENU (x64) Size=5.29 MB | Download | SHA1: 521d8026c57c657acb7cfaab5a205bc7cf4bb55f Full version based on: "winamp5666_full_en-us.exe" 3. WinAMP Pro (Full Edition) ENU (x86/32) - Not Activated / NoWAREZ Size=10.2 MB | Download | SHA1: 193fd0660ddf999d6d7e17c611f9d3e489e7c7ad 4. WinAMP Pro (Full Edition) ENU (x64) - Not Activated / NoWAREZ Size=10.2 MB | Download | SHA1: d938a29da718b7d0b71a1c35cce92bbbf6c50ed1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ~ Multi-User Interface Language section ~ Lite version based on: "winamp5666_lite_all.exe" 1. WinAMP (Lite Edition) + Modern skin support MUI (x86/32) Size=9.75 MB | Download | SHA1: f2e33566885c24fdc418162f87ec3e5bc44af696 2. WinAMP (Lite Edition) + Modern skin support MUI (x64) Size=9.75 MB | Download | SHA1: 6fd40f41b21c90e8708646c3a7c0d91890a57da2 Full version based on: "winamp5666_full_all.exe" 3. WinAMP Pro (Full Edition) MUI (x86/32) - Not Activated / NoWAREZ Size=14.6 MB | Download | SHA1: 67e03e02dd66b4f51e7dd9359bb00f853f2c7d58 4. WinAMP Pro (Full Edition) MUI (x64) - Not Activated / NoWAREZ Size=14.6 MB | Download | SHA1: cbe307ee1bc94f15de02b4164c3a27f6b43cab43 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'd decide that publishing this software as pre-registred package with included serial key in registry form still will be considered as warez/piracy even WinAMP is officially death, i.e. it's future development was cancelled on December 20, 2013 by AOL/Nullsoft, Inc. and the company was officially closed.
  20. http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11738-missing-function-retry-integrate-not-integrated-after-integrating/ Offtopic: @Legolash2o: Check PM.
  21. Hi there, reeding this thread, I see that someone has find a way to make a more clean MCE image. "About integrating Service Pack 3 into Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. The following scenario is fully workable: 1. You need to use DXUPAC MCE Slipstreamer SP3. 2. Integrate with nLite YumeYao_WMP10_Addon_ENU_V3_4_5. (Because SP3 downgrade WMP10 to WMP9 in MCE_2005 CD1, and WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB900325-usa.exe contain multiple updates for WMP10 - with this addon that all are pre-integrated.) 3. You are done, and you have WinXP MCE 2005 with SP3 (Media Center 3.0, not 2.8 like nLite do, and fully updated WMP10) 4. After Installation you need to install NETFX 1.1, and after that 5. Install only KB900325.exe (extracted from WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB900325-usa.exe) 6. Install WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB925766-ENU.exe (October 2006 Update). You have FULLY updated WinXP MCE 2005. Optional you can Install Windows Media Player 11 and everything works great. ------------------ Point of this is that I want: nLite, to get the same fully workable functionality like 'DXUPAC MCE Slipstreamer SP3', (not this one, which chnage version from 3.0 to 2.8) and someone to create true addon from KB900325.exe (18,4MB extracted one) and KB925766 in one package to be used with nLite. - normaly this will required NETFX1.1 also slipstremaed as true addon at the first place." Credits goes to: ViktorVektorsky I think maybe someone here will be able to create a trueaddon from this KB900325.exe (18,4MB extracted one) and KB925766 in one package to be used with nLite.
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